Video: Brain Hacker Shows Daily Butter & Coconut Oil Improves Memory!

For the last few years, I’ve been eating significant amounts of grass-fed butter and coconut or MCT oil daily as a way to enhance my brain, increase fat burning, and stay energized. Everyone I know who tries this seems to adopt a higher, healthy fat diet because they *know* they feel stronger. Check out this video from Eri Gentry, a psychologist, who measured the very noticeable improvement in cognitive function that comes from eating healthy fat.

I eat straight coconut oil sometimes but doing it right is more complex. Some forms of coconut oil have brain-killing toxins formed by mold that grows on the coconuts that are pressed for oil. Go for high-end virgin brands that taste good and avoid “copra” coconut oil.

Or even better yet, much of the time, I use a coconut oil extract called XCT oil that is liquid at room temperature, has no flavor at all, and has been shown to work directly in the brain’s mitochondria as fuel. I use it in salad dressings and smoothies, you can get XCT oil, a pharmaceutical MCT oil at my Upgraded Self store.. Every person I know who has tried XCT has come back for more.

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