Bulletproof Diet Results: What People Say

People from all over the world are discovering the benefits of The Bulletproof Diet.  

Get back the energy you remember from when you were a kid – and look great too.

*These represent individual results and may or may not be typical.  Proper diet and exercise are a proper part of any weight management program.*

Testimonials & Results On The Bulletproof Diet

“Real time results of 16 days of eating a Bulletproof Diet.”

“I’m a parent, I work a regular 8-6 full-time job and I run a fitness blog so needless to say I’m busy and therefore always looking for ways to increase my performance in every area of life.

Thanks to Dave and the information he provides on the Bulletproof Executive Blog and Bulletproof Executive Radio, in less than 3 months I’ve noticed profound changes in my energy levels, focus, productivity and body composition that I attribute to a few bulletproof techniques I’ve implemented.

The body composition changes have been the most shocking for me. I was already in great shape but after implementing a few bulletproof techniques, I’ve been able to go from 10% bodyfat to 8% bodyfat and simultaneously increase muscle by almost 2lbs in 30 days.

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan and can’t wait to implement more bulletproof techniques into my liefstyle so I can really take things to the next level.”

– Tim Murphy, RenegadeDad.net


“BulletproofExec.com is a very interesting, worthwhile site to check out to see how someone forges their own path in health…the coffee tastes really good!”

– Mark Frauenfelder, Editor in Chief of MAKE Magazine and Co-Editor of BoingBoing


“One of my friends has a family tendency towards high cholesterol. To combat it, his doctors put him on a vegan diet.

In contrast, I’ve been following Dave’s principles for the past 18 months, and my HDL levels recently tested at 110, which basically means I’m immune to heart disease. Meanwhile, nuts, dark chocolate, avocado, and butter are stalwarts in my diet. I’m sure I get at least 50% of my calories from fat. And I’ve never felt better.”

Chris Yeh, former CEO of ustream.tv, well known angel investor, and Chairman of the Harvard Business School Technology Alumni Association.


Bill Schuller“I’ve tried bulletproof coffee and adjusted my diet towards being Bulletproof. Dave can claim responsibility for the largest impact of any other body/mind hacking technique I have every tried when he suggested using the emWave from the Heart Math Institute. I measured an immediate and lasting affect on my ability to concentrate, the clarity of my focus, the quality of my sleep and my overall happiness with this one simple exercise.”

– Bill Schuller, Dallas Texas


“I love your blog.  I got the emWave 2, the Zeo, and the Dual N-Back games for increasing my IQ.  I’m trying the Bulletproof Diet on for size and is seems to fit pretty well (I’m down to 12% body fat or thereabout with less training).  Kudos on your hobby.  I’m a fan.”

– Gene Sigalov, Managing Partner at SimpleTexting


“Just wanted to let you know how much I love this intermittent fasting program you’ve got me on. I can already see some improvement within just a week of employing it. Totally happy and feeling great. It’s amazing how (seemingly) so much less exercise translates into results. Thanks again for your help. I’ll continue to update you along the way. I can already see results training. My chinups and pullups and deadlifts are already pushing higher threasholds than I thought possible of myself. Really cool! And the feeding regimen makes life pretty simple and gives me good guidelines to stick to. So, thank you for everything once more.”

– Daniel Hind


“I’ve been looking for a blog like this for years! I now greedily look forward to receiving updates from Dave and aspire one day to be Bulletproof myself!”

Dan Andrews, Bali Indonesia, TropicalMBA



“When I discovered the Bulletproof Executive I was looking to improve my mental clarity and energy levels. The main thing the Bulletproof Diet has helped me with is actually gaining weight (probably the opposite of what most people are looking for). When I started it I had a BMI of 16.5(underweight, but not chronically), now I have leveled off(stable for the last 3 months or so) at 22(5ft, 10″, 70kg) and I feel stronger and better than ever. All good lean mass; I don’t feel or look flabby. In the past I had tried other methods such as, protein powders, pigging out on carbs and sugar which lead to sleep issues, constant carb cravings, a yeast infection, etc. -all nasty stuff.  Even worse, none of those methods worked. I never gained a single pound! I have also been really impressed with the diligence of the the Bulletproof Executive guys in looking after their community.  Several times I have had questions and Dave or Andrew have all responded quickly and in detail.”

– Andy, Taiwan


“48 hours on The Bulletproof diet. 4 pounds of weight lost, 1 inch off waist, super regular digestion, gone from trim to ripped. Um, holy shit.”

– Cadence Case, @cadencecase


“Spent the last 2 months strict on the Bulletproof Diet (grass-fed beef, butter, eggs & veggies).  Weight has gone down 30 pounds, lowest in 10 years. Energy is through the roof.”

– Jay Bobzin, @bobz44


“It is very easy to get lost in the sea of health and wellness/personal improvement blogs/podcasts. The information is not always backed by credible, peer reviewed evidence, and is often a collection of dogma and personal bias.

Bulletproof Exec and companion Bulletproof Executive Radio is very different:

Bulletproof Executive blog:

  1. Thorough, well researched often using high quality, peer reviewed journals.
  2. Topics are timely without being too trendy.
  3. There is a spirit of curiosity and openmindedness that permeates the tone of the blog.
  4. The Bulletproof Diet visual is a beautiful infographic.
  5. I have personally tried “Bulletproof Coffee” and I must say, it actually does provide a bit of mind lubricant to get me through the day.
  6. Even though I don’t use all the tips on the website I experience the site as a great resource… my go-to site for all things biohacking!
  7. The hosts of the site are indeed very approachable and responsive via email/twitter.

Bulletproof Executive Radio:

  1. The calibre of guests is outstanding.
  2. The quality of questions is on par with those you would hear at a medical grand rounds or at a medical conference.
  3. The hosts are very well read, open minded and not doctrinaire. Their opinions are often grounded in quality data mixed in with personal experience to humanize the content.
  4. They are very responsive to their audience requests and the show maintains a fresh perspective rather than dwelling on what is en vogue at the time.
  5. The length of each podcast is palatable and the voices of the hosts are pleasant.

I am a psychiatrist turned advertising exec who grew up in the Bahamas.  Life was not as stressful as it is in major urban cities. As a result, many in the rat race of the east coast would really benefit from your wisdom. I am applying some of your principles to my life and hopefully, they will help me navigate the turbulence of a corporate environment with zen mind and a healthy body.”

– Lydia


“I discovered your website last night (after seeing some of your tweets) when I couldn’t sleep. I stumbled upon your video on mycotoxins and had a phenomenal realization — my persistent and horrible health problems (including and starting with a pulmonary embolism) perfectly coincided with living in a (very) moldy house. After doing some more reading on your site, I think I now also understand why Paleo has worked for me but hasn’t been the magic pill that all those folks posting their success stories on Mark’s Daily Apple seem to have experienced.

I’ve been waiting for my aha moment, wondering what other piece is missing. I just wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU for sharing what you’ve learned, and for providing me with an “upgrade” to the Paleo diet that mostly works well for me. I look forward to taking my body through this next test to see if we can’t get to wonderful after all.

Looking forward to learning more from you. Thanks for what you do.”

– Erin Lenhardt, business development pro and writer at FoodStrong.com, North Carolina


“I follow the One Page Bulletproof Diet because, like any great resource, it is updated as science progresses.  While obtaining a large percentage our calories from “good” fats is highly logical, I notice it is still a very foreign idea to most people I speak with about nutrition.  Until science proves us wrong, I will continue to help spread the word.”

– Thomas O’Neill, FoamRollerCoach.com


“The sleep hacks have helped me, but the biggest improvement has been from Bulletproof Coffee. I use that instead of breakfast sometimes when I’m in a rush, and don’t feel sick or lethargic (or hungry) the mornings when I replace breakfast with that coffee.”

– Justin Mares


“Seeing Dave in action inspired me to self hack beyond what I thought possible. Focus, energy, sleep–all bulletproof now. Nothing can slow me down!”

Nick Winter, CTO at Skritter



“Making just a few bulletproof changes has had some drastic effects; the bulletproof diet makes me feel consistently energized and vibrant, through sleep hacking I fall asleep faster and wake up fresher, and a cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning is almost a guarantee for a brilliant day. It’s like having an unfair advantage over life, thanks Dave!”

– David Lips, eBrainSupplements.com


“The Bulletproof Executive is a must read blog! Now, it’s an everyday part of my routine. Over the past couple years, I’ve spent days on end researching the most effective diet and lifestyle related strategies for maximum cognitive performance. Now, I have all of the answers I need in one blog! I’m particularly interested in hacking the brain and have benefited tremendously from reading and following the steps outlined in the various articles on mental performance and cognition. Thanks guys!”

– Ryan Critchett, RMC Tech Computer Repair


“I am so thankful for all Dave does.  Through his writing and podcasts, he is helping me to see my health through a wider lens than just food and exercise… and it’s good. I fell upon his podcast through the BulletProofExec.com website. Dave’s hacks are going to be the key to getting healthier while also spending as much quality time with my family as possible. Thanks a ton!”

– Zach


“If you have a sleep disorder, I encourage you to try the Bulletproof Diet.  I have benefited enormously just by eating a lot more of the green side foods and avoiding the red stuff.  I have medically diagnosed narcolepsy, a sleep disorder without a verified known cause and worst of all, the medical treatment is just directed to the symptoms and not the cause.  By adopting this new lifestyle, my brain has been more responsive to my will and the sleep attacks have dropped to almost none.  I used to have 10-20 sleep attacks daily, even while taking high doses of stimulant medications.  But not anymore.  Bye bye medications, welcome delicious healthy fats.  I’m not saying adopting this lifestyle cured me.  But certainly, I can say that this diet seems to be providing what my brain needed to function optimally, almost like a normal person.  Just that feeling of returning to normal, makes you feel bulletproof.”

“Arnaldo struggled for over 10 years with hypoglycemia. Now he’s able to do intermittent fasting just for fun”

– Ivan & Arnaldo from Puerto Rico


“I’ve been messing around w/ my diet for years (I got rid of Asthma in college and became fascinated). I’ve been Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Paleo, etc. & the Bulletproof approach seems to really fit, both in terms of lifestyle & feeling great.”

– Mathew Kellog



“Meditation is difficult for me. I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel like or what goal I am to achieve. I’m terrible at being still. The emWave tool Asprey mentioned gives a metric for my meditation. Since I can’t tell how I’m doing I can’t improve. The aforementioned widget solves at least part of this problem.”

– Jonathan Reilly


“My belt is now officially too big for me.  I’m wearing size 36 pants down from… a much bigger size… in January.  Thanks @bulletproofexec!”

– @zenmancer


“I’d like to blame this one on Dave Asprey, personally.  My friends and I joke to this day about putting entire sticks of butter into our hot cocoa because the Immortal Businessman told us to at BIL 2010.”

– Anastasia Kryolv


“I went for a quick 1.5 mile walk at lunch today while catching up on The Bulletproof Radio podcasts.  This #biohack stuff works and I feel amazing.”



“I tested The Bulletproof Diet beyond what I thought possible in terms of calorie intake. I started taking 3,500 or more calories from saturated fat daily from grass-fed ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, beef tallow, macadamia nut oil, and avocado oil.  The additional calories came from proteins and vegetables and on fridays I had high-carb day after fasting (sometimes those carbs were not bulletproof like a nice medium or large pizza with everything you can imagine). I stopped exercise completely two weeks before and during the experimental two weeks. I even ate a whole large ghee bottle every 2 days and after the 2 weeks I ended up losing 3 pounds. NO WEIGHT GAIN. The fact is the body is not mathematic in terms of calories, but is systematic in terms of food needs. If you provide the body with what it needs to function correctly, it will use it and not store it.

With that said, calories in are not calories out (as I experimented, because I should have gained like 10 pounds of fat). Calories are a good measure of energy, and they are cool to play with for fun (I do that as a hobby), but the thruth is it all comes down to A GAME OF HORMONES.  I believe toxins have a lot to do with losing or gaining weight.

After running this experiment I learned people get fat not because of overeating or not exercising, but because of the wrong food choices. The food pyramid/government plate is completely wrong and will keep people fat forever.

Calories dont matter, food does.”

– ClownFish on The Bulletproof Forum


“I love your podcast. I like your mix of interviews with fitness experts as well as productivity/lifestyle experts like Linda Bernardi and Bill Andrews. I’ve learned a ton from your shows and hope you’re able to keep the podcast going for many more episodes.”

– Susan


“After one week and I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to keep up the Bulletproof Diet mostly due to boredom, but it turns out I’ve lost 10 pounds without being hungry once, having TONS of energy, and being more productive than I’ve ever been in my life.  I’m re-energized now to keep up with this for the four weeks I set out to do at the start.”

– Trevor Fullbright


“My dad has lost 30 pounds and my mom’s going to need new jeans after only two months on the Bulletproof Diet! Looking better and losing weight is great, but that’s almost just a side effect. My parents are sharing more happiness and a lot less end of day tiredness and malaise that’s been dragging on their marriage. Getting a clear head and the energy to follow your dreams and love those closest to you is priceless. Your advice is transforming the lives of those I love and mine for the better, and we are so grateful. My dad put it simply, ‘Life is just easier.'”

– Greg Nelson


“I wanted to thank you for what you do and the information you have shared! I happened to stumble upon your website in a reader’s comments on another food blog and I’m grateful that I did! My dad and I have really delved into all your info and run with it! My husband just ordered a 5 lb bag of coffee for me as a birthday present. But, I’ve already been “bulletproofing” my non-bulletproof coffee. I have access to as much coffee as my heart desires at work (think endless k-cups, coffee pods, etc.) and I still want to drink your coffee instead!

I blended butter, coconut oil (MCT oil is on order) and 2 squares of Lindt 90% chocolate into my coffee this morning and it was AMAZING! Can’t wait to try it with your coffee.

I am sharing your website with my like-minded friends and all I can say is that you guys are on the next level, in my opinion! I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Marisa Schwartz


“Really great interview of Dave Asprey of The Bulletproof Executive. He is such an incredibly knowledgeable guy. I am happy to say I take the supplements he suggests, I enjoy my bulletproof coffee, and I am anxious to try his Upgraded Whey. I totally agree about the brazil nut thing. I just bought some and they taste like mold. Gross! I will stick with the supplement form. Dave is a fascinating man. Great interview as usual Abel!”

– Primal Fenix


“As a courtroom lawyer that needs to be focused and on his toes, the Bulletproof Diet gives me the edge I need to win! By eliminating foods that are high in toxins and eating a ton of good fat found in grass-fed butter and MCT oil, the Bullet Proof diet helps me function at high-levels during high stress and with little sleep! It’s my secret weapon during trial!”

William E Johnson
West Palm Beach, Florida




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