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1101. Biohack Your Plate: Genetics, Gut and Perfect Nutrition

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all diets – Matt and Wade from BiOptimizers are unveiling the secrets of personalized nutrition from their groundbreaking book, The Ultimate Nutrition Bible.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Remember the days when we believed in one-size-fits-all diets? Well, thankfully those days are behind us. Today’s episode is all about the crucial shift towards personalized nutrition.

Our guests, Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers, are no strangers to the show. They’re also the authors of The Ultimate Nutrition Bible, a monumental resource that unlocks the secrets of crafting a diet tailored precisely to your genetics, goals, and lifestyle. 

We delve into the art and science of creating your perfect nutrition plan, exploring the intricate web of genetics, gut health, and lifestyle, and how they all intertwine to shape your dietary needs. Imagine a diet designed exclusively for you, based on your unique genetic makeup and aspirations. It’s a paradigm shift for sure; we’re here to guide you through it using the latest scientific studies and findings from our personal experiences with biohacking.

In this episode, we uncover the importance of aligning your diet with your lifestyle, debate the calories-in vs. calories-out method of losing weight, and share practical insights for how to measure your progress from The Ultimate Nutrition Bible. Plus, we dispel the myth that excessive cardio is the fastest way to lose body fat, and explore the pivotal role of hormones and metabolism for sustainable, safe weight loss.

“The body becomes its function—is something people have to recognize.”



Introducing the Ultimate Nutrition Bible: There’s No Evil Foods


Why Raw Food & Ketogenic Diets Are Not for Everybody


The Consequences of a Performance Diet & Starvation Survival Mechanisms


Exploring the Calories-In, Calories-Out Method for Weight Loss

  • Variables that impact calories out
  • 40 years of Zen
  • Balancing metabolism and hormones


Understanding Metabolic Adaptation: How Excessive Cardio Prevents Fat Loss


How High Quality Sleep Can Aid Weight Loss

  • Dave’s journey with supporting thyroid function


The Simplest Secret for Tracking Your Progress


Breaking Down Calories vs. Macros in the Ketogenic Diet


Identifying Hormone Issues Based on Weight Distribution

  • Ways to minimize inflammation during travel
  • Balance hormones while traveling


Taking Risks to Achieve Optimal Results 



Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: https://daveasprey.com/books 

The Ultimate Nutrition Bible: ultimatenutritionsystem.com/dave

Read: The Ultimate Nutrition Bible by Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart

Website: bioptimizers.com

Instagram: @bioptimizers

YouTube: BiOptimizers

Blog: bioptimizers.com/blog

Podcast: Awesome Health Podcast

Enjoy the show!


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