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Matt Gallant / BiOptimizers

Fact: If you’re not sleeping, you’re wrecked. Here’s how to hack your sleep and regain your power.
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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’re going to get into bed with the topic of sleep. Pretty much everyone’s favorite.

Veteran biohacker Matt Gallant returns to the show with some straight talk about how to get more and better sleep. He’s spent the big bucks—about $50K he estimates—exploring, experimenting and upgrading his own sleep. He’s sharing what he now knows so you can create a sleep stack that supercharges your own energy.

You’ll learn about the most common sleep disruptors and what to do about them. You’ll also learn to recognize sleep stages and how to improve your sleep pathways.

This fun show uncovers the practical sleep devices, wearables, supplements and lifestyle hacks that will lull you to sleep. So many times, you’re tired and you know you want to go to sleep—and yet—your body and mind just don’t connect. The new Sleep Breakthrough makes that connection for you. And when cortisol runs amok and falsely perks you up with a second wind, you’ll know what to do.

More and better sleep means you’ll be a higher-performing human. So, get some tonight!

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“People should not use melatonin, for the most part. Let’s give the body the building blocks, called precursors, and then let's give it the co-factors, which are transformers, so that it can naturally produce melatonin.”

Matt Gallant / BiOptimizers

More about Matt Gallant: Matt goes all in when it comes to upgrading brain and body. His background in kinesiology, strength and conditioning coaching for pro athletes and self-defense instruction informs how he looks at human body function. He’s gone deep into formulating dynamic human performance supplements for more than 15 years. He co-founded BiOptimizers (for body) and the newer Nootopia (for brain). You’ll find previous podcast episodes listed in the “Links & Resources” section below with topics like, magnesium, enzymes, blood sugar psychobiotics, nootropics and more.

Enjoy the show!

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