The Clear Eye Guide: How to Improve Your Vision Naturally

Claudia Muehlenweg

Get to the root cause of eyesight problems and use bodywork, breathwork, rest, light and movement to live life less blurry.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… natural vision expert Claudia Muehlenweg shares interesting knowledge and practical solutions about how you can take better care of your eyes and improve your vision. In this longer episode,

  • You’ll discover ways you can improve your vision through natural methods that start with root causes in your body, including nervous system regulation.
  • You’ll explore bodywork, breathwork, rest, light and movement healing methods.
  • You’ll find out the essential Dos and Don’ts for good eyesight.
  • You’ll get practical suggestions for things you can do right now to offset the effects of screen time.
  • You’ll learn how you can keep your vision sharp throughout your life span.

Claudia began wearing glasses at a young age and always disliked them. She even got bullied for wearing them in a time when glasses were not considered cool or in any way fashionable.

After working to improve her own eyesight, Claudia founded Holistic Vision LLC to help others. Her work is based in the Bates Method. She focuses on finding the root cause of blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts or surgery that actually can make eyesight worse in the long term.

“The retinal cells have more mitochondria than any other cell in the body. They need more energy than any other cell in the body.”

Claudia Muehlenweg

Claudia’s been teaching eyesight improvement since 2009. Her methods can improve presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, and eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. She also helps people restore clarity after corrective surgeries like LASIK have worn off.

Her experience as a yoga teacher brings together complementary practices like myofascial release, breathwork and bodywork that greatly influence holistic vision care and natural vision healing methods.

Listen on to find out what you can do to live life less blurry.


Enjoy the show!

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  • I found a book it was all about relaxing your mind, body, and eyes to see better.  – 3:02
  • Does eye training work for teens and for kids?  5:09
  • Basically all vision improvement is really based on the Bates method. And Dr. Bates was an ophthalmologist who lived 100 years ago.  – 7:30
  • The American Vision Institute, which was three Behavioral Optometrists and a scientist. And they even wrote about the danger of corrective glasses.  – 10:50
  • It’s not a quick fix. It’s not a pill. You have to do the work.  – 13:16
  • Before we get into relaxing the eyes and some of the vision training things, are there any eye drops that you recommend as being helpful?  – 18:59
  • Palming is kind of the key component of the Bates method. And so that’s what I recommend and that works for a lot of people to just lubricate your eyes, to feel more refreshed, and rejuvenated.  – 24:39
  • Your eyes were never meant to look at one point for a long, long, long time. So moving your attention around. I have my computer against the window. I just have to look up, and I look outside.  – 29:47
  • When I started practicing Sunning and also ditching my sunglasses over 20 years ago, night driving was not a problem anymore at all.  – 34:34
  • How do you know if your eyes work together well or not?  – 43:30
  • If you want to do the string thing, you should see an X that’s evenly strong on both sides of the X.  – 45:43
  • When your eyes work better, you use less energy all the time. And then that energy can go into folding mitochondria. It can go into being nice to other people.  – 49:28
  • Using your actual imagination of clear vision is also really important.  – 52:48
  • You cannot read for print texts in candlelight, if you’re not relaxed.” So it’s kind of a great way to check how relaxed you are, by reading small print and not making an effort.  – 57:45
  • If you don’t move much, first of all, you’re not practicing your balance. Right? Balance and vision is obviously intricately related.  – 1:02:18

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