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Redefine Your Reality & Unveil the Secrets of Your Conscious Mind

Philip Goff & Anil Seth

Learn how your perception of reality is a product of your mind and how it can be manipulated.

Philip Goff & Anil Seth_BW_1000x1250

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… What if everything you perceive is just a construction of your brain? In this episode, Anil Seth and Philip Goff explain how our perception of reality is a product of our minds and how it can be manipulated. They also delve into the implications of these findings, and take a dark turn, leaving you questioning everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world around you.

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of perception and consciousness with our guests Philip Goff and Anil Seth.

Philip, a highly respected philosopher at Durham University, is the author of Galileo’s Error: Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness, where he rethinks the scientific approach to understanding consciousness.

Anil Seth, on the other hand, is a leading researcher, writer, and speaker on consciousness, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. As a professor of cognitive and computational neuroscience at the University of Sussex, Anil explores the biological basis of consciousness by merging various disciplines, including psychology, philosophy, and psychiatry.

Together, they’re here to unravel the mysteries of how our brains construct our conscious reality.

Tune in to explore panpsychism and its fascinating connection between consciousness and matter. Gain an understanding of how our brains craft our conscious reality through the intricate process of perception. Acknowledge the limitations of traditional views on consciousness while considering the perks of embracing panpsychism. Master the art of training perception for practical applications rather than perfect accuracy. And most importantly, discover insightful tools for probing consciousness, such as meditation and introspection.

"Perception doesn't come from the outside in. It really goes the other direction. It comes from the inside out."

Anil Seth

During this episode, you will…

  • Delve into the profound concept of panpsychism and its ties between consciousness and the material world.

  • Grasp the marvel of perception and the way it builds our subjective reality.

  • Evaluate the boundaries of conventional perspectives on consciousness and the advantages of a panpsychist approach.

  • Hone the skill of optimizing perception for efficacy over exactness.

  • Uncover powerful techniques to examine consciousness, including meditation and contemplative reflection.

Enjoy the show!

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00:00:01 – Dave introduces the podcast and the guests.

00:02:18 – Anil explains that the brain constructs our perceptions of the world and ourselves and that the same process occurs during hallucinations and normal perception.

00:07:06 – Philip talks about how science needs to be rethought to solve the problem of consciousness and how panpsychism, the idea that consciousness is everywhere, has gained traction in academic philosophy and neuroscience.

00:10:36 – How perceptions are constructed can help diagnose and treat mental illness and optimize our perceptions.

00:13:28 – The integrated information theory of consciousness and how it works.

00:16:29 – The challenges of cognitive training experiments and the success of their experiment on synesthesia.

00:21:02 – Galileo’s declaration that mathematics would be the language of the new science and how it excluded consciousness from the domain of science.

00:25:04 – How the Google Deep Dream algorithm can be used to understand unusual perceptual states, such as hallucinations and psychedelic perception.

00:29:51 – The challenges of explaining consciousness as something that can’t be publicly observed.

00:32:00 – Explaining consciousness as involving qualities that can’t be entirely captured in a purely quantitative vocabulary, and how it differs from explaining public observable behavior.

00:32:49 – The traditional options for the consciousness debate are dualism and materialism.

00:35:45 – The hole in the scientific story of the Uuniverse.

00:37:03 – Why perception’s purpose is not to figure out objectively what’s out there in the world. Perception is to enable adaptive behavior to keep the body alive.

00:40:40 – Why panpsychism is the probable truth for fitting consciousness into our scientific story.

00:48:34 – The importance of consciousness and how Anil had the highest return on investment for his personal growth when he worked on his consciousness.

00:48:57 – Dave’s appreciation for Anil Seth’s work on cracking the code of what makes us human and how we interact with the world.

00:49:15 – Where to find Anil and Philip and learn more about their work.

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