Ep 1078 – Dr. Caroline Leaf

Raise Resilient Minds: How to Help Your Kids Self Regulate & Form Better Habits

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf shares how we can help kids clean up their mental mess and be more resilient—all based on research from her latest book, How to Help Your Child Clean Up Their Mental Mess. We discuss tools from the Neurocycle for self-regulation and forming better habits.

Ep 1078 – Dr. Caroline Leaf

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today, we’re joined by second-time guest, Dr. Caroline Leaf, to talk about helping kids clean up their mental mess and be more resilient—all based on research from her latest book, How to Help Your Child Clean Up Their Mental Mess. In this episode, Dr. Caroline Leaf shares the best ways for parents to help their kids understand their emotions and build better habits.
Dr. Leaf conducts ongoing research and clinical trials in the field of psychoneurobiology in order to improve mental health interventions, many of which she summarizes in this far reaching, informative conversation.
We explore the impact of social media on kids’ anxiety, what parents can do to minimize the mental mess social media can make, and even how to rewire neural patterns it forms. We also dive into the myths of habit formation and how we can break down old habits to form better, new ones.
Dr. Leaf’s expertise doesn’t stop there. She also gives a comprehensive explanation of the five steps of the Neurocycle, a tool set for self-regulation and changing your internal programming.

“We need to describe, not to diagnose.”


00:01:32 — The Dangers of Social Media & Minimizing Mental Messes

00:27:31 — Habit Hacking 101

  • The 5 Steps Neurocycle to rebuild neural networks
  • The myth of building habits in 21 days
  • Identifying patterns in habit formation for transforming and healing the brain
  • How the history of habit formation and brain neuroplasticity has evolved over time
  • The new standard of care and giving hopeful diagnoses
  • Empowering ourselves to be the driver of our own health

00:54:37 — Helping Kids Build Resilience

  • Curiosity as a tool for building resilience in kids
  • The importance of learning how to self-regulate
  • How modeling the Neurocycle can help parents and children manage emotions
  • Why you should double down on what makes you weird
  • Teaching kids to question everything to filter out what’s real
  • Removing bias by connecting with others who aren’t your age
  • Helping kids get good sleep

Enjoy the show!

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