How to Simplify Your Intentions and Realize Love

Humble The Poet

“The moment you set a New Year’s Resolution is the moment you’ve blocked a pathway of love within yourself.”


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Humble The Poet joins the show to talk about a unique perspective on love. You’ll learn:

  • what “real” love means (hint: it’s not found or earned) and how to recognize it in your life.
  • how to shift away from a mindset of earning more, achieving more, and gaining more attention so you can clear pathways for love to enter and flourish in your life
  • how to ditch restrictive “resolutions” (that fail more often than they succeed) and instead set intentions that allow you more freedom to love yourself and others.

This Canadian-born rapper, spoken-word artist, poet and international bestselling author began reciting spoken word poetry in coffee shops more than a decade ago. That creative outlet turned into an adventure that crossed genres, mediums and oceans. His style stimulates audiences with ideas that challenge conventional wisdom.

His first two books, “Unlearn” & “Things Nobody Can Teach Us” became international bestsellers.

His newest book focuses on self love, love for others, defining love in a different way, and how to ease up on expectations that may be holding you back: “How to Be Love(d): Simple Truths for Going Easier on Yourself, Embracing Imperfection & Loving Your Way to a Better Life.” 

“I’m writing this because I’m desperate,” he says in the book. “Desperate to realize love, accept love, and learn how I keep f**king it up.”

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“Love isn't something you acquire, it's something you realize.”

Humble the Poet

Enjoy the show!

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