Upgrade Spotlight: How to Use Your Breath to Stop Stress

Robbie Bent / Othership

When stress hijacks your nervous system, shift your state with immersive breathwork. Live demo in this episode!

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…you’re listening to a new Upgrade Spotlight series. Once a month, these shorter episodes feature guests who get right into useful information in a Q&A style. You’ll find out how to improve your energy and upgrade your performance. You’ll also get the latest knowledge about powerful tools and technologies that allow you to change your biology and the environment around you. 

Introducing Othership! During this Upgrade Spotlight, you’ll find out how Othership’s breathwork app teaches you ways to manage your most prevalent stressors. Things like tension, anxiety, overwhelm, processing emotions, irritability, trouble sleeping, low energy, nervous system dysregulation or mental health issues.

When you begin to regularly incorporate breathwork into your life, you notice and feel the emotional, mental and physical differences right away. Breathwork is a visceral, physiological shift that you can reach in under five minutes. It’s the perfect primer to bring you into a meditative state, with even more physical benefits.

BONUS! You can experience this shift by following along with the live demo in this episode led by Othership co-founder, Robbie Bent. (Make sure you’re not driving!)

Robbie joins the show to talk about the power of adding a breathwork practice to your everyday routine. If you’ve tried meditation and it wasn’t your thing, or you struggle with consistent mindfulness, the Othership app gives you lots of options to find what fits.

“Meditation’s related to awareness. Othership sessions are related to state change. Every single one creates physical and physiological state change.”

Robbie Bent / Othership

Othership’s genesis story started with friends meeting to do breathwork over coffee then moved to 1,000+ attendees on Zoom calls. “It was kind of listening to your favorite set of music, but breathing and having an emotional response,” Robbie describes. “So, it was like a dance party breathwork.”

Then came posting YouTube demonstrations, creating an online course and, ultimately, building an app. “And so, myself, my wife, and our three co-founders made this app with the idea that there was no Headspace or Calm for breathwork with all the different styles in one place that was super simple to use,” Robbie says.

The Othership breathing app lets you access more than 500 guided breathwork sessions within three styles: up, down and explorer. Othership combines breathing techniques and guided meditations created by psychotherapists, wellness practitioners, hypnotherapists, artists and DJ’s, spiritual teachers and life coaches. The sessions are music-driven, science-backed and curated by expert facilitators.

The Othership app helps you build and sustain a new mindfulness routine – all through the power of your breath. Whether you have time to practice for one minute, or 60, you’ll be able to shift your state in a session style that works best for you, such as:

  • Deep breathing + breathwork
  • Guided meditation
  • Affirmations + visualizations
  • Sound healing
  • Hypnosis
  • Somatic release therapy
  • Vocal toning
  • Intention setting
  • Self-massage + stretching
  • Movement + dance
  • Mind-body connection
  • Mindful walking + working

More About Robbie Bent: Robbie turned a life-changing experience at a 10-day Vipassana retreat in Israel into a global business to benefit many others in a similar way. More personally, he’s building Othership in response to his own struggle with addiction after a series of past successes and failures in his professional life. He’s developing Othership as a place where emotional wellness takes center stage in a bathhouse experience pairing ice bath and sauna classes with immersive breathwork. He’s creating community and connection, starting in Toronto, Canada, then moving internationally.


Enjoy the show!

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