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Akkermansia: Your Gut’s Unsung Hero

Microscope view of cells
anti-agingArticlechronic diseasediabetesDNAHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingSkin + BeautyStem CellsWomen's Health

Stem Cell Therapy in the United States and the Search for the Fountain of Youth 

Images by Cayce Clifford
continuous glucose monitordiabetesDietexerciseglucoseglucose controlgut healthhuman upgrademicrobiomePodcast

How to Manage Sugar for a Better Brain and a Longer Life – Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D. – #943

Colleen cutcliffe
akkermansiadiabetesGI tractgut healthgut lininggut microbiomehuman upgradePodcastprobiotics

A Bacteria That Guards Your Gut Lining – Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D. – #881

AIbikecardiocardiovascular healthcardiovascular trainingdiabetesHIITPodcastREHIT

Shorten Your Cardio Time Even More with REHIT – Ulrich Dempfle with Dave Asprey – #834

blood glucosecontinuous glucose monitoringdiabetesglucose ketone indexketoketo dietketogenic therapiesketone levelsketosisPodcast

Get Your Mojo On With All Things Keto – Dorian Greenow with Dave Asprey – #824

autophagydiabetesEpigeneticsglycationinflammationinsulin resistancemembrane instabilitymetabolic healthmitochondrial dysfunctionobesity

8 Reasons Why Obesity Isn’t the Problem, Metabolic Dysfunction Is – Dr. Robert Lustig with Dave Asprey – #820

Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart
biohackingblood sugarCGMdiabetesglucoseglucose monitoringglycoseinsulinlevelsPodcast

A New Way to Control Your Blood Sugar – BiOptimizers with Dave Asprey – #807

butterCGMdiabetesfastingglucoseinflammationinsulininsulin resistancemetabolismmitochondria

Insulin Resistance, Fasting, Ketones and “Why We Get Sick” – Dr. Ben Bikman with Dave Asprey – #804

CGMclimate changecold-pressed juicediabetesenergyfarmersfarminginflammationjuicejuicing

Why Dave Asprey Changed His Mind About Juicing – Junaid Kalmadi of Farmers Juice – #802

blood sugarcontinuous glucose monitoringdiabetesglucose levelsmetabolic flexibilitymetabolic healthmetabolismnutritionPodcastprediabetes

How to Control Your Blood Sugar & Spike Your Energy – Levels Health with Dave Asprey – #797

Gary Taubes
carbohydratesdiabetesDietdiet sciencedietingexercisefastingfatketonutrition

Bad Science and Diet Lies Keep Feeding Obesity: Gary Taubes with Dave Asprey – #778

diabetesgut bacteriagut healthgut microbiomePodcastprebioticsprobiotics

How Hacking Your Gut Bacteria Can Regulate Your Blood Sugar – Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey – #767

cancerdiabetesfastinggrowth hormonesinsulinobesityPodcast

How Fasting Can Beat Genetics and Control Cancer – Dr. Jason Fung with Dave Asprey – #760

Randy Jackson 2
cravingsdiabetesemotional healthhealthmindsetnutritionPodcastweight losswellness

From Food Divorce to Emotional Overhaul: Randy Jackson’s Health Journey – #734

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