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It’s Time for an Evolution: The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey – #870

Gary Taubes
carbohydratesdiabetesDietdiet sciencedietingexercisefastingfatketonutrition

Bad Science and Diet Lies Keep Feeding Obesity: Gary Taubes with Dave Asprey – #778

why women need fat
Articlefathealthy fatsaturated fatweight lossWomen's Health

Why Women Need Fat to Lose Weight and Be Healthy

Polyphenols can help fight aging, inflammation, and obesity. Read more about why these plant compounds matter, and how to get more of them in your life.
ArticlecoffeefatgutHealthy Aging/Anti-Agingpolyphenolssupplements

Polyphenols: What They Are, Why They Work, & How to Eat More of Them

New Study Claims Eggs Cause Heart Disease_header
Articlecholesteroleggsfathealthy fatWeight Loss + Nutrition

New Study Claims Eggs Cause Heart Disease. Here’s What It Gets Wrong

digest fats better_header
ArticlefatWeight Loss + Nutrition

How to Digest Fats Better, With and Without a Gallbladder

trans fat foods

What Is Trans Fat – and Should You Worry About It in Beef and Butter?

New Global Plan Wants to Ban Trans Fats. But it’s Not the Only Dangerous Fat You Need to Watch Out For_header

WHO Calls For Trans Fat Ban. But There’s Another Dangerous Fat You Need to Watch Out For

Reading a nutrition facts on organic coconut oil jar.

Why Coconut Oil is Better than Vegetable Oil

beet banana coconut blueberry Chia seed smoothies. toning. selective focus
Articlebiohackingbrainbulletproof bodyBulletproof Coffeebuttercognitive enhancementDietfatfat burning

How To Eat For A Stronger Brain

alcohol what to drink_1
alcoholArticlebiohackingbulletproof bodyDietfatfat burningfoodhealthy fatnutrition

Bulletproof Alcohol: What to Drink During the Holidays

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Solving Huge Problems In Less Time w/ Jake Knapp – #365

body by science
buttercareer hackingcognitive enhancementexercisefatfat burninghealthy fatheart rate variabilitymusclenutrition

Dr. Doug McGuff – MD: Body By Science – #364

ArticlebiohackingBulletproof Coffeecognitive enhancementDietfatfat burningfoodhealthy fatnutrition

Bulletproof Testimonial: A Love Story

Young Woman doing Yoga on Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP, on Memphremagog Lake in Quebec
Articlebiohackingbrainexercisefatfat burningmusclePerformancestress

These Outdoor Exercises Have Benefits You Can’t Find at the Gym

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