image of Will Cole
body positivefemininityfitnessfoodhuman upgradeintuitive eatingmasculinitymoodPodcastshame

Heal the Relationship Between Your Food & Your Mood – Dr. Will Cole – #1033

Photo of Dr. Andrew Weil
foodhealinghealthhuman upgradeintegrative medicinematchamind-body connectionmindsetPodcastwellness

Sync Your Body & Mind for a More Vibrant Life – Legacy Upgrade ft. Dr. Andrew Weil – #1008

image of Dan Buettner
ageBlue Zoneschronic diseasefoodHappinesshuman upgradelongevitynutritionPodcastsocial connection

Discovering Blue Zones In America – Dan Buettner – #1001

body fatfat lossfoodhuman upgrademetabolic healthmetabolismnutritionnutrition sciencePodcast

How to Eat Smarter and Trigger Your Metabolic Switches – Shawn Stevenson – #983

Mareya Ibrahim & Teri Cochrane_1000x1250
amino acidsEpigeneticsfoodgene expressionhuman geneshuman upgrademetabolismnutritionPodcastprotein

Nutrition Upgrade: How To Be Food Flexible and Wild – Mareya Ibrahim & Teri Cochrane – #951

foodfood policyfood systemfood wastePodcastregenerative agriculturesmall farmssustainable farming

Earth Day Bonus: How to Fix the Global Food System and Save the Planet – Dr. Mark Hyman

Dave Asprey_03427_NEW_2021
brainDietemotionsfastingfoodintermittent fastinglongevityobesityPodcastsleep

‘Fast This Way’ to Take on the World – Dave Asprey Interviewed by Lara Logan – #782

Mansoor Mohammed
cardiocardiovascular healthDNAfoodgene expressiongenesinflammationPodcast

All the Ways Inflammation and DNA Affect Cardiovascular Health – Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. with Dave Asprey – #742

foodfood policyfood systemfood wastePodcastregenerative agriculturesmall farmssustainable farming

Food Fight! Fixes for Better Health and a Sustainable World – Dr. Mark Hyman – #672

Photo of Mareya Ibrahim
clean eatingessential amino acidsfoodfood safetyPodcasttaste buds

Just Give a Fork: Eat the Freakin’ Pasta – Mareya Ibrahim – #661

Photo of Dr. Mark Hyman
agriculturecookingfoodfood desertfood policiesfood productionfood supplyfood systemhealthnutrition

What the Heck Should I Cook, Dr. Hyman? – #637

Couple cooking together in the kitchen at home
collagenfoodHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingskinSkin + Beauty

Eat These Foods for Radiant Skin

Photo of Ankur Jain
burnoutchildcaredisruptionelder carefoodhealthcarehousinginnovationlife hacksPodcast

It’s Time for Us to Disrupt and Rebuild – Ankur Jain #613

carl's jr. cbd burger

Carl’s Jr. Now Has CBD Burgers — Here’s Why Fast Food Edibles Won’t Work

digestive enzymesfoodfood pharmacologyfood sensitivitiesHashimoto’sHashimoto’s diseasehuman performancemoldnutritionPerformance

Up-level Your Approach to Food – Izabella Wentz #571

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