Meditation Hacks Get You Into A Peak State in Less Time

Vishen Lakhiani

How to connect with your intuition and make it your superpower.

Photo by Karen Harms

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn about a “6 Phase Meditation” approach that absolutely everyone can do—and benefit from!—no exceptions. This custom-designed meditation sequence gets you into a peak state in just a few minutes. No boredom, special breathing, or clearing your mind required. You’ll find out how to make meditation work for you and how you can use intuition as one of your greatest strengths.

Episode guest Vishen Lakhiani took up meditation at age 26 as a way to cope with the stress of working for a startup in Silicon Valley. That decision changed his life so dramatically that within two years he quit to pursue meditation, other tools of personal development, and then spread awareness and education to people around the world. He’s taught his signature 6-phase meditation style to world-class athletes, professional entertainers and high-performers in all types of business. He also founded Mindvalley, an international learning platform.

“There are six different aspects of being human that we want to give a stimulus to. And by stimulus, I mean a simple tweak that enhances that aspect of yourself.”

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen’s newest book, “THE 6 PHASE MEDITATION METHOD: The Proven Technique to Supercharge Your Mind, Manifest Your Goals and Make Magic in Minutes a Day,” outlines a series of science-backed mental exercises for accomplishing your goals. It condenses the wisdom of nearly 1,000 neuroscientists, monks, yogis, and meditation experts into a hyper-efficient programming script that you can run through your mind any time of day.

Unlike traditional meditation that encourages a calm and serene environment, the 6 Phase Meditation Method can be done from anywhere—your bed, your office or even on your next flight. “It’s six different practices that you layer on that put you in a hyper-optimized state,” Vishen says. It also helps you:

  • Become a better and kinder version of yourself.
  • Increase happiness by focusing on love, compassion, gratitude, and peace.
  • Discover your vision for the future, visualize your perfect day, and count your blessings.
  • Seek deeper, more intimate relationships with your loved ones and make a meaningful impact on the world through your work.

You’ll get a lot out of this fascinating conversation that gets into realms of spirituality, psilocybin, perceptual diversity, physics, brain waves, and altered states.


Enjoy the show!

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  • Tell me about what happened so listeners get grounded in what you’ve had happen in your life. – 3:32

  •  It’s not even meditation at all. It’s six different practices that you layer on that put you in a hyper optimized state.  – 11:09
  • So phase one. The three things that we look at for present state optimization, the first one is compassion. If you can train your muscles of compassion, if you can train yourself to be kind, you are going to do better in life.  – 25:29
  • The total time for this is seven minutes. And now that gives you the balance, eight minutes, for phase four, five and six. Now phase four, five and six are all about the future.  – 30:01
  • Perceptual diversity is the ways we perceive the world outside the five senses. – 36:12
  • One of the most amazing things I saw is I went to the ashram of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Chennai, India. And there they are training young children to read by touching a book with their hands.  – 41:45
  • I learned about the six phase through the work of Jose Silva, the mind science pioneer. – 47:20

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