brain health

Bioquantum Skin Care image of a person holding up a graphic of a brain
Articlebiohackingbrain functionbrain healthCognitive Enhancementconscious mindconsciousnessDMThuman consciousnessminerals

Pushing Past Your Limits of Potential With An Ancient Mineral

Person holding the BrainTap device on their lap while looking at the app on a smartphone
anxietyArticlebiohackingbrainbrain healthbraintapcognitive enhancementCognitive EnhancementcreativityDiet

Combining Biohacking and Brain Hacking For Optimal Performance

Man holding a bottle of Fatty™ supplements
anti-aginganti-inflammatoryArticlebrain healthcellular energyCognitive Enhancementdeep sleepfatty acidsfemale healthHealthy Aging/Anti-Aging

The Ultimate Biohacking Fat: C15:0 Explained

brain healthenergyfocushuman upgradememorymental healthmindmitochondriamoodPodcast

Daily Habits That Power Up & Change Your Brain – Daniel Amen, M.D. – #1032

Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 5.07.07 PM
Articlebrain agingbrain healthHealthy Aging/Anti-Agingketonesmetabolism

Ketones: Nature’s Superfuel

binural beatsbrainbrain healthbrainwave entrainmenthuman upgradeisochronic tonesmeditationneurogenesisphantom beatsPodcast

How Brain Training Changes Your Frequency – Dr. Patrick Porter – #984

Articlebiohackbiohackerbiohackingbrain healthbrain trainingcorporate wellnessguided meditationmeditationred light therapy

The Easiest Way to Boost Employee Health and Happiness

BDNFbrain functionbrain healthChagacognitive functioncollagenCordycepshuman upgradeLion’s ManeMushrooms

How to Fix Your Brain When It’s Tired, Wired and Slow – Matt Gallant & Mr. Noots – #961

Drinking Alcohol
alcoholalcohol consumptionArticlebrain agingbrain healthPerformance

If You’re Under 40, Alcohol Makes You Weak—Even in Moderation

alzheimer'sbrain healthbrandbusinessentrepreneurentrepreneurshipfailurehuman upgrademissionPodcast

How to Build a Better Brain, Brand & Business – Patrick Schwarzenegger – #947

radical roots teaser
Articlebiohackbiohackerbiohackingbrain healthcbdcbd oilgut healthgut microbiomeinflammation

10 Benefits of Real CBD Oil (and Why Most CBD Oil Sucks)

Articlebiohackbiohackingbrain healthEarthgroundinghealingPerformance + Motivation

A Closer Look at Earthing (and 5 Ways to Try It)

anxietybrain healthbrain performancebrainwave entrainmentfearhuman upgrademeditationPodcastproductivitysleep

Tap Into Your Brain’s Full Potential – Patrick Porter, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey – #869

Articlebiohackbiohackerbiohackingbrainbrain functionbrain healthCognitive EnhancementmemoryNootropics

How to Instantly Upgrade Your Memory

brainbrain healthmental healthneurotransmittersnutrientsnutritional psychiatryPodcast

BRAIN POWER: Feeding Neurotransmitters Improves Mental Health – A Top 10 Episode with William Walsh, Ph.D.

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