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4 Tips to Maintain Optimal Brain Health

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Combining Biohacking and Brain Hacking For Optimal Performance

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The “Always-Tired Generation:” How To Fight Our Sleep Health Crisis In 3 Easy Steps.

brainbrain traininghuman upgrademoodneurofeedbackneuroplasticityPFCPodcast

How to Increase Neuroplasticity and Strengthen Your Brain – Moha Bensofia – #1031

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brainenergyfitnesshuman upgradeketonesmetabolismPodcast

Upgrade Spotlight: Connecting Ketones, Metabolism & Energy – H.V.M.N. – #1018

image of Chris Palmer
brainenergyhuman upgrademental illnessmetabolic disordermetabolismmitochondriaPodcast

How Your Mitochondria Control Your Brain Energy – Chris Palmer, M.D. – #1012

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Sleep Breakthroughs, Stacks & Solutions – Matt Gallant – #996

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Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #28

binural beatsbrainbrain healthbrainwave entrainmenthuman upgradeisochronic tonesmeditationneurogenesisphantom beatsPodcast

How Brain Training Changes Your Frequency – Dr. Patrick Porter – #984

Agingbraingenesglobal warminghuman upgradelearningmemoryPodcastsleepvagus nerve

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #24

alzheimer'sbrainbreathingcircadian cyclehuman upgradelimbic systemneuronal activityPodcastvirtual reality

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #20

brainbrain chemistrybrain typeHappinesshuman upgradelifestylemindsetmoodnutrientsnutrition

Happiness Starts with Your Brain Type – Dr. Daniel Amen – #910

anthraxbraincellular agingfertilityhuman upgradeinsect proteinPodcastpregnancyreproductive hormones

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #19

Gary Kaplan
acupuncturebrainceliacchronic diseasechronic painfatiguehuman upgradeimmune systemsimmunityinflammation

How Neuroinflammation Disrupts Your Immune System – Gary Kaplan, D.O. – #889

alzheimer'sAlzheimer’s researchbrainhuman upgradememorymemory lossmenopauseneurosciencenutritionPodcast

Alzheimer’s Targets Women’s Brains Decades Before Symptoms Show – Maria Shriver & Dr. Lisa Mosconi – #880

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