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Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #12


Intelligence is Not Enough: Moving into the Genius Zone – Dean Keith Simonton, Ph.D. – #576

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Intuition is Not a Feeling – Joy Martina – #574

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Modern Stoicism & Crushing your Ego: Ryan Holiday #527

Sean Stephenson

How To Get Over Your Addiction To Pity – Dr. Sean Stephenson #500

Peter Cropped
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PETER DIAMANDIS: PART 1 – The Space Episode – #448


The Most Powerful Business Success Strategies That Make All the Difference – Subir Chowdhury – #419

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Vishen Lakhiani: 10 Laws & Four-Letter Words – #309

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Gerald Pollack – It’s Not Liquid, It’s Water: #304

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Ravé Mehta – Fear & Vulnerability Hacks: #303

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Helen Irlen – Your Glass Is Always Full Through Irlen Lenses: #291


Graham Hancock: Visionary Plants, DNA & Human History – #278

Dan Hurley

Dan Hurley: The Science of Smart – #104

Hunter Maats and Katie O'Brien, Authors of The Straight-A Conspiracy

Hunter Maats & Katie O Brien: Hacking Your Intelligence

A young boy imagines reading minds of his two friends with a homemade science project. They are dressed in casual clothing, glasses and bow ties. They are serious and sitting at a table with helmets on their heads in front of a beige background. Retro styling.
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