Amishi Jha
attentionfocushuman upgrademental chattermind-wanderingmindfulnessPodcast

How Focus and Attention Powers Your Mind – Amishi Jha, Ph.D. – #940

collaborationentrepreneurshipleadershipmentorshipmindfulnessPodcastproductivitypublic speakingsuccessteaching

4 Dimensions All Entrepreneurs Must Master – Alon Braun with Dave Asprey, Part 2 – #842


Adult Talk: How to Get Your Kids to Meditate – Emily Fletcher with Dave Asprey – #817

Caroline Leaf
awarenessbrainscognitive thinkingcommunicationconsciousmindfulnessmindsneurologyneuroplasticityPodcast

5 Steps of Neurocycle Can Clean Up Your Mental Mess – Dr. Caroline Leaf with Dave Asprey – #799

cravingsfastingintuitive eatingintuitive fastingketoketosismindfulnessPodcastweight loss

Intuitive Fasting, Metabolic Flexibility & Metaphysical Meals – Dr. Will Cole with Dave Asprey – #796

Photo of Ben Pakulski
bodybuildingmindfulnessmusclePodcastresiliencestrengthstrength training

Rethinking Strength with Intelligent Muscle Training – Ben Pakulski – #652

how to meditate better
ArticlemeditationmindfulnessmitochondriaPerformance + Motivation

6 Tips to Help You Meditate Better

breathworkcognitive functioncreativityflow statemeditationmeta-awarenessmind-wanderingmind-wandering deficitmindfulnessNootropics

How to Use Mind-Wandering for a Better Brain – Jonathan Schooler, Ph.D. – #607

James Reese
attachmentawarenessbiohackingbraininterconnectednessInterpersonal neurobiologyisolationlonelinessmindfulnessmindsight

Interpersonal Neurobiology: A Systems-Thinking Approach to Optimal Health – Dr. Dan Siegel #587


Meditation: The Ultimate High-Performance Tool— Emily Fletcher #568

Guided Meditation WIth Dr. Barry Morguelan_Header
ArticleCognitive EnhancementHappinessmeditationmindfulnessVideo

Use This Guided Meditation to Clear Your Mind and Find Happiness

Geneen Roth Weight Loss_talking to group_header
Articleemotionsmindfulnessweight loss

The Open Secret to Lasting Weight Loss

mindfulness exercises for busy people

Surprising Mindfulness Hacks That Will Add Hours to Your Day

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