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Akkermansia: Your Gut’s Unsung Hero

Headshot of Dave Asprey
Agingdeathhealthhuman upgrademiddle agePodcastprobioticswellness

Unlocking Optimal Health & Conscious Endings – Interventions With Dave – Nancy Sheeber – #1051

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C-Reactive Proteincortisoldeep sleephuman upgradeinflammationmale hormonespituitary glandPodcastpotassiumprobiotics

Hacking the ‘Middle-Age Spread’ – Interventions With Dave – David Hinds – #1038

image of Zachary Abbott
alcoholgenetic engineeringhangoverhuman upgradePodcastprobiotics

The Bacteria That Lets You Drink Alcohol Again – Zack Abbott, Ph.D. – #1000

digestiongut healthgut-brain axishuman upgradePodcastprebioticsprobioticspsychobioticsstress

Upgrade Spotlight: Probiotics to Power the Gut-Brain Axis – Omni-Biotic – #974

young woman who makes a heart shape by hands on her stomach.
ArticlebiohackbiohackerbiohackingDave Aspreygut healthgut microbiomeleaky gutprobioticprobiotics

Biohack Your Gut for Longevity, Focus, and More

Colleen cutcliffe
akkermansiadiabetesGI tractgut healthgut lininggut microbiomehuman upgradePodcastprobiotics

A Bacteria That Guards Your Gut Lining – Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D. – #881

autophagybiohackingfitnessgut healthgut microbiomeimmune systeminflammationPodcastprobioticswellness

Speaker Preview 1: Human Upgrades at the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference – #856

digestionenzymesgut healthPodcastprobiotics

GUT HEALTH: Enzymes Do the Heavy Lifting – A Top 10 Episode with BiOptimizers

adaptogensalcoholalcohol consumptionbacteriabeerfermentationhard seltzerPodcastprobioticsresponsible drinking

Taking Alcohol in a Natural Direction – Bill Moses with Dave Asprey – #843

cavitiesdental healthmouth microbiomeoral healthPodcastprobioticssingle-strain probioticsStrep throatthroat health

Boost Your Oral, Dental & Throat Health with Probiotics – Prof. John Tagg with Dave Asprey – #808

diabetesgut bacteriagut healthgut microbiomePodcastprebioticsprobiotics

How Hacking Your Gut Bacteria Can Regulate Your Blood Sugar – Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey – #767

Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart
braincognitive functiondigestiongut healthgut microbiomemental performancemoodPodcastprebioticsprobiotics

Psychobiotics: Altering Gut Bacteria to Hack Your Brain – BiOptimizers with Dave Asprey – #749

Photo of Dave and the Just Thrive team
achromanciaakkermansiabutyrateintermittent fastingLPS translocationMetforminmicrobiomemitochondriaPodcastprobiotics

Armor-Plated Immortal Probiotics from Space – Just Thrive Health – #629

Jill Ciciarelli - Author of Fermented

Jill Ciciarelli: For the Love of Fermentation – #67

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