Luke Storey
Addictionalcoholconnectiondrugshuman upgradenicotinePodcastpsychedelicsrecovery

How to Get & Stay Sober—Even if You Don’t Think You’re an Addict – Luke Storey – #1030

Dr. Phil Wolfson & Dr. Julie Holland_1000x1250
Addictionbrain chemistrydepressionhuman upgradeketamineneuroplasticityPodcastpsychedelicspsychotherapyPTSD

Psychedelic Upgrade: Finding the Right Dose & Approach – Dr. Phil Wolfson & Dr. Julie Holland – #960


Taking the Kink Out of Kinky – Jamie Wheal, Part 2 with Dave Asprey – #846


The Neuroscience of Sex – Jamie Wheal, Part 1 with Dave Asprey – #845

brainbrain sciencecerebral hemispheresJungian typologymental healthneuroanatomyneurocircuitryneuroplasticityPodcastpsychedelics

New Science Finds Thinking and Feeling in Both Sides of Your Brain – Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor with Dave Asprey – #828

Ellen Vora
adverse childhood eventanxietycommunitydepressionfearholistic psychiatrymental healthPodcastpsychedelicssleep

Taking a New Approach to Mental Health – Dr. Ellen Vora & Dave Asprey – #827

Burning MancannabisketamineMDMAPodcastpsychedelicspsychotherapypsylocibin

Your Guide to Psychedelic Psychotherapy – Dr. Phil Wolfson with Dave Asprey – #770


How Trauma Travels Through Generations and Changes Your Genes – Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey – #769

Julie Holland
ayahuascacannabishuman connectionLSDMDMAmedicinal mushroomsmicro-dosingoxytocinPodcastpsilocybin

Psychedelics Offer New Solutions for Social Isolation – Dr. Julie Holland with Dave Asprey – #757

Dave Asprey Molly Maloof David Rubin

Bonus: Psychedelics and Biohacking Grow Up – The Psychedelic News Hour

Dave Rabin
cognitive behavioral therapyemotional healthfight or flightmental healthparasympatheticPodcastpsychedelicsPTSDrest and digestsympathetic

Your Brain Thinks All Pain is the Same: Touch Therapy Can Help – Dr. David Rabin with Dave Asprey – #729

AIcreativityintellectmind designPodcastpsychedelics

Design Your Own ‘Mindapps’ to Expand Your Smarts & Creativity – Thomas Roberts, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey – #702

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