Ep 1070 – Andrea Bemis

Let Them Eat Dirt: Biohacking Family Nutrition

Andrea Bemis

Andrea Bemis is an expert in sustainable organic farming, the creator of the farm-to-table blog “Let Them Eat Dirt,” and a passionate advocate for nurturing healthy babies and children. In this episode she shares recipes and insights into creating a healthy, nourishing food environment for children.

Ep 1070 – Andrea Bemis

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today, we’re delving deep into the importance of dirt, not just as soil beneath our feet, but as a key factor in regenerative agriculture and biohacking. Our guest, Andrea Bemis, is an expert in sustainable organic farming and a passionate advocate for nurturing healthy babies and children. Together, we explore the power of the family dinner and the significance of avoiding harmful chemicals and additives in the food we provide for our kids.

Andrea Bemis, the brilliant mind behind the farm-to-table blog “Let Them Eat Dirt,” joins us as our special guest. She has authored remarkable books, “Dishing Up the Dirt” and “Local Dirt,” which provide invaluable insights into creating a healthy and nourishing food environment for children. Through our shared belief in empowering kids to make healthier choices, we aim to guide parents away from the junk and chemicals that can harm their children’s well-being and towards more sustainable, locally sourced and economical options.

Join us as we share our tips and tales from our own dinner tables, and our top strategies for nourishing your children with whole foods that taste good, too. Welcome, Andrea, to The Human Upgrade.

“Hearing these statistics, I want to eat closer to home. I want my kids to grow up knowing that food isn't coming from a package, and supporting a more local system, if and when that's an option.”


00:02:07 — Avoiding Processed Foods: Dangers of Heavy Metals & Artificial Sweeteners

  • How processed foods can change brain chemistry
  • The mistake parents of young children make when it comes to food
  • Tips for getting kids to eat diverse foods and flavors
  • Logistics of living on a farm
  • Benefits of buying from a CSA
  • The Baby Food Facts Report findings on sweeteners in baby food
  • Heavy metals in baby food

00:21:01 — Healthy, Fast & Economical Recipes for Kids

  • Most economical ways to make healthier baby food at home 
  • Recommended cooking oils for kids and why
  • Being mindful of how much kids are snacking
  • Not forcing your kid to eat when they’re not hungry
  • Andrea’s fast recipe ideas
  • How salt impacts babies’ digestive system
  • Read: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

00:43:45 — Andrea’s Favorite Sweetener & Farm Life Insights

  • Andrea’s favorite sweetener for kids
  • Pros and cons of kale
  • Finding quality bacon 
  • The most difficult crops to grow
  • Teaching your kids where food really comes from
  • Why small farms are so incredibly important & economical

Enjoy the show!

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