Ep 1086 – Brandon Crawford

Illuminating Hope: Solutions for Chronic Stress, Pain & Neurological Damage

Dr. Brandon Crawford

Dr. Brandon Crawford, a globally renowned neurologist from the NeuroSolution Center of Austin, is revolutionizing brain health and healing through advanced light therapies. We explore the power of light in brain function, and strategies for those facing neurological and mental health challenges.

Ep 1086 – Brandon Crawford

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

So much of your reality is determined by your brain, and if you have dealt with chronic disease or mental health struggles like me, it can feel like there’s something wrong with you. But, it’s probably not you. It’s probably a brain problem.

Today’s guest, Dr. Brandon Crawford, is here to provide some hope and some answers.
Dr. Brandon Crawford is a board-certified Developmental Functional Neurologist, driven by training from esteemed minds in chiropractic, functional neurology, and functional endocrinology. Renowned as a laser expert, Dr. Crawford shares groundbreaking laser and light therapy protocols in lectures around the world, revolutionizing treatments for various conditions through photobiomodulation.

He has achieved absolutely incredible results helping people rewire their brains and heal chronic conditions at the NeuroSolution Center of Austin. In this conversation, we dive into the really cool technology and research he uses to do it – and share things you can do at home to improve your own brain health. You’ll learn how to hack your brain with light, get an intro to light hygiene, and be educated on the ways we derive energy from light.

We also cover indications of a healthy brain and how to continuously promote brain health, why talk therapy may not be the best way to heal trauma, immediate solutions for when you’re feeling activated by fear, and share advice for parents with kids struggling neurologically after the pandemic mask mandates.

“People want more than what traditional medicine is offering, and we have it.”


(02:36) Optimizing Your Brain With the Right Light

  • Blue light’s impact on brain tissue
  • How to combat light toxicity with red light exposure
  • TrueLight Luminaire: shoptruelight.com
  • How OCD can be a superpower
  • Why lasers are used in the NeuroSolution ESM methodology
  • Read: The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack
  • A discussion on how we derive energy from light
  • Practices for getting more sunlight without causing skin harm
  • How you can hack your brain with light
  • TrueDark glasses: truedark.com
  • 40 years of Zen: 40yearsofzen.com

(27:50) Tools to Measure Neurological Health & Heal the Vagus Nerve

(44:21) How to Manage Triggers & Support Kids’ Neurological Development 

  • How to stop a panic attack or fear paralysis state using breathwork 
  • How we’ve reinforced ancient practices through science
  • Vagal nerve hacks for frustration and anger
  • What stimulating the cymba concha can do for your vagus nerve
  • How masks have inhibited childrens’ abilities for facial recognition and social engagement
  • How to restore neurological damage in kids that have occurred over the last 3 years
  • Things parents can do at home to help kids affected by mask mandates

Enjoy the show!

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