Ep 1066 – Brian Karr

You’re Not Crazy, Toxic Mold Exposure Is Poisoning Your Brain

Brian Karr

Brian Karr, the co-founder of We Inspect, helps us understand mold, mycotoxins, and even bacterial toxins that exist in your homes, explaining what’s there, why it’s important—even down to the genetic level—and what it’s doing to you.

Ep 1066 – Brian Karr

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

If you have all sorts of unexplained health problems in your home, where you work, or where you go to school, symptoms can be very different. One person’s gaining fat, another person’s always tired, other people have dark circles, emotional irregularity, sudden weight gain, onset of allergies that no one can explain, on and on.

In the episode today, you learn the smarter, not harder, ways to deal with toxic mold exposure in your environment from one of the world’s leading experts on the matter. 

Our guest is Brian Karr. He’s a second-generation indoor environmental consultant and he works with hypersensitive individuals with complex medical conditions. He’s the co-founder of We Inspect, an environmental testing company which works to help people understand mold, mycotoxins, and even bacterial toxins that exist in your homes. He takes time to explain what’s (usually) there, why it’s important—even down to the genetic level—and what it’s doing to you.

Go back to the definition of biohacking… The art and science of changing the environment around you and inside of you so that you have full control of your own biology. If your environment is moldy and has biotoxins, maybe you don’t have control of your biology—the mold does.

Brian’s become a go-to guy for medical doctors across the country, helping more than 5,000 people as sensitive as I used to be to create healthier living environments. You’re going to learn a lot in this episode, even if you’re saying… Well, I don’t have a mold problem. You’d be very surprised.

“The secret to finding hidden mold is to not look for mold at all.”


00:17:00 — Meeting the Mold (and Brian) Head On

  • Dave’s younger years battling his own health 
  • The xenoestrogen that took over his life
  • Brian Karr’s background and introduction
  • We Inspect environmental testing company 
  • Moldy Movie: moldymovie.com
  • How Brian married into the business and fell in love 
  • Building an infrastructure to serve the country
  • Betsy Maldonado’s story 

00:15:02 — We Inspect: Spotlighting Innovation & Access 

  • We Inspect’s process—what’s unique and special?
  • Most mold is hidden out of plain sight 
  • Perils of dry mold: more mobile than wet, living mold
  • The importance of knowing what to look for
  • Prioritizing innovation and accessibility 
  • Training program: Mold Finders Method 
  • Mobile app: We Inspect Together
  • Pitfalls of other, commercially driven services 

00:29:18 — Dealing With Mold in Our Day to Day Lives

  • Brian’s game plan for getting out of a moldy lease 
  • Does spraying bleach work?
  • Why Dave avoids AirBnbs
  • Homebiotic: homebiotic.com
  • Balancing removal options 
  • Three easy steps to take in your home
  • Understanding the Human Cloud Effect 
  • Gaps in capability of air testing 
  • Effectiveness of dust sampling 
  • Find Out If Your Home Is Making You Sick
  • 100M structures in the US have meaningful mold problems

00:50:04 — Looking Ahead At Life With Less Mold

  • 90% of structures are exposed to toxic mold
  • Danger Coffee: dangercoffee.com
  • What is truly pure?
  • Balance of bacteria vs. mold in caves 
  • Added susceptibility of women and children
  • 40% of population impacted by mold exposure 
  • Story time: Dave’s mold-triggered PANDAS
  • We Inspect environmental testing company 
  • The Dust Test: thedusttest.com
  • YesWeInspect.com/Dave

Enjoy the show!

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