Naveen Jain photographed by Kevin Abosch

What Happens in the Gut, Starts in the Mouth

Naveen Jain

Serial entrepreneur and conscious innovator, Naveen Jain, is out to make the world a healthier place through the use of AI-powered human data analytics. He chats about the critically important oral microbiome—and from a wider perspective—how and why the human body gets sick.

Naveen Jain photographed by Kevin Abosch

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today, a dear friend of the show and someone who’s disrupted a huge part of the healthcare industry joins us for an informative chat on the critically important oral microbiome—and from a wider perspective—how and why the human body gets sick.

Naveen Jain, founder of Viome—a data company that’s changing the world of health and wellness—goes deep on the latest in anti-aging, what’s going on in your mouth and how that affects everything else in your body, the perils of mouthwash, the future of AI-powered analytics, business building with the right priorities in mind, and a whole lot more.

And it all comes right back to the base definition, the core understanding, of what biohacking is—using the information and technology around us to live a longer and healthier life. Naveen’s company, Viome, is doing just that. You won’t want to miss this exclusive look into the future—for your own long-term health, or for that of society as a whole.

“Find something that you're willing to die for, and then live for it.”


00:01:44 — What Is It About the Human Body That Causes Us To Be Sick?

  • Fundamentally changing the way we look at the body 
  • Dave’s homemade mouthwash and why he stopped using it 
  • Power of individuality when it comes to health and longevity 
  • Different impacts of foods on identical twins (Research)
  • What happens in the gut, starts in the mouth 
  • The signals chewing your food sends to your body
  • Why a healthy oral microbiome means healthy sex 

00:09:33 — Viome: Supercharging Human Data Analytics 

  • Reading out the transcript from your body
  • Determining a diet-based source of bad breath 
  • Viome’s biomarkers and aging score
  • Looking at RNA va. DNA
  • Shop and use code DAVE10 to save 10%
  • Pooling the data from 550,000 samples analyzed
  • Custom-made diet recommendations for your genetics
  • Affordability of Viome testing kits 
  • Predicting mouth and throat cancer at a 95% rate 
  • Personalized oral microbiome toothpaste gel 

00:24:13 — Longevity & Lifespan: Our Health Is Our Wealth

  • Increasing our healthspan—adding truly viable years
  • Dave calls out the lifespan cowards
  • Choosing how and when we die: the ultimate goal for society 
  • Naveen shares 5 ways to live a long and healthy life 
  • Nutrition, getting the right fuel for the car
  • Stress management, escaping fight-or-flight mode
  • 40 Years of Zen neurofeedback therapy
  • Why you should quit your shitty stressful job
  • Smarter Not Harder by Dave Asprey
  • Prioritizing exercise, 30 minutes a day 
  • Getting proper sleep, quality vs. quantity 
  • Sleep with Dave: 14-day sleep challenge

00:37:35 — A Message for the World’s Wantrepreneurs

  • Find a purpose and live 10 to 15 years longer
  • Focus on helping people live better—not making more money
  • Parasitic nature of modern commerce
  • Amazon’s quality spiral and the race to the bottom 
  • Impacting the world in your uniquely powerful way
  • Our success will never be defined by how much money we made

Enjoy the show!

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