Ancient Healing Arts for Your Modern Life

Shaman Jorge Hachumak

How a shaman uses life force energy rooted in science and spirituality to build a bridge between people and the environment.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn about shamanism, “spiritual minimalism” and how traditional healing arts connect so profoundly to the natural world. This conversation also explores distinct themes of consciousness, the soul, and deep respect for plant medicine and Ayahuasca ceremony.

The guest, Shaman Jorge Hachumak, is a Peruvian of Spanish descent who’s made a winding journey into shamanism as a healer. After receiving a European education, he became a practitioner of Chinese Qigong in old Lima’s (Peru) China Town. After a successful career in tai chi competition, he worked with elderly patients in hospitals in Northern Peru.

During this time, he was taken under the wing of native shamans, witches and herbalists who spent years teaching him the ancient healings. He learned ancient Peruvian medicine arts (not from the Incas, but from the North Coast and the Northern jungle of the Amazon).

He now moves seamlessly between perspectives, having one foot firmly in the rational, scientific world and another in the spirit world.

“The ancient healing arts are deep and expansive—you never stop learning, and what you learn in a lifetime will always be a small fraction of what is available to learn,” he says in his new book, “Journeying Through the Invisible: The Craft of Healing With, and Beyond, Sacred Plants, as Told by a Peruvian Medicine Man.” “I want to offer a larger picture of the Medicine Craft and to create appreciation for other important aspects that are endangered or still not well-known.”

This larger picture includes influences from science, history, religion and the natural environment.

Shaman Hachumak looks at consciousness as two states that lead to both deep understanding of the healing arts and deep self-reflection:

  • Suffering Consciousness keeps us stuck in our negative ways
  • Soul Consciousness is awakened during a ceremony or spiritual moment. Your entire being awakens, and you are shown the way to live according to the dictates of your conscience and the teachings of the spirits.

“Intuition is the intelligence of the soul consciousness and binary logic is the intelligence of the suffering consciousness,” he says.

“The soul, justice, generosity, hospitality, faithfulness, love in all its forms, sacrifice, gratefulness forgiveness—those cannot be measured, cannot be expressed into algorithms.”

Shaman Jorge Hachumak

He also uses his knowledge and experience to broaden people’s understanding of Ayahuasca as a powerful plant medicine. He works to protect Ayahuasca and the traditional ceremony from misuse and exploitation.

“By participating in a sacred plant ceremony, we are realigning ourselves with the laws of nature, making friends with the vegetable powers, and recognizing them as allies and teachers in our quest to rescue the biosphere,” he says in “Journeying Through the Invisible.” “As we do this, we are also guiding our attention away from our egos and moving toward a life of service to others, in the process cultivating the virtues that dwell inside us and that yearn to open the garden of our hearts.

More about Shaman Jorge Hachumak: He manages a compound fronting the banks of the Amazon River in Peru, a three-hour boat ride upriver from the nearest city, Iquitos. He lives in a small village of about 45 families located in a heavily jungled area well off the electric and telecommunications grid. Here he cultivates medicinal plants, rescues hurt jungle animals, practices Ayahuasca ceremonies with small groups, and performs traditional one-on-one healing sessions.

Note about the book:Journeying Through the Invisible: The Craft of Healing With, and Beyond, Sacred Plants, as Told by a Peruvian Medicine Man” is co-authored by David L. Carroll. David received his B.A. Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University and worked for an M.A. in archaeology at Columbia University. He’s written 40 published books, a majority of which focus on the topics of health, self-help, and spirituality.

Enjoy the show!

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  • How’d you get started as a shaman?  How does one become a shaman?  – 1:35
  • People were doing ceremonies without the right protocols and there was a lot of collateral damage. – 11:01
  • Just from your wounds, you create a partial truth, that is not the real truth.  – 12:52
  • I don’t call it ayahuasca, I call it the sacred plants or the healing brew. – 21:11
  • You even ran into a fake healer. Tell me the story of your fake healer in Lima.  – 29:39
  • One of the big frontiers is the mapping of the functioning of the brain. –  34:08
  • The world where I move when I’m into the invisible is a very amoeba, jellyfish kind of way. This is one of the ways it manifests.  – 40:13
  • Are we first irrational then rational? Are we simultaneously both? How does all that work? – 52″29
  • The largest I have ever done is probably, once I did 13 people at the same time and it was huge and super exhausting to try to really keep all the bridges with everybody at the same time.  – 01:01:17
  • So I try to stay as close to the force of life as I can. I can explain things because I have one foot in both worlds.  – 01:09:36

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