human upgrade

eyeseyesightfar-sightednesshuman upgradenear-sightednessPodcastvision

Hacking Eyesight – Interventions With Dave – Mark Bell – #895

Andrew Wax
concierge health carehuman upgradepersonalized medicinePodcasttelemedicine

Free to Choose: Your Guide to Personalized Longevity Medicine – Liv Health – #894

childrenfailurefamilyhuman upgradekidsparentingPodcastresilience

Ways to Build a Resilient Family – Joe De Sena – #893

Marisa Peer
human upgradehypnosislyingmental healthpersonal narrativePodcastpsychologyself-awarenesstalk-therapy

Why Lying to Yourself Could be a Good Thing – Marisa Peer – #892

body alignmentfitnesshuman upgrademovementPodcastsittingwalking

Get Moving! Align Your Body, Align Your Life – Aaron Alexander – #891

Photo of Philipp
energy fieldsenergy frequenciesenergy medicinehuman upgradePodcastquantum energy

Recalibrate Yourself with Quantum Energy – Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling – #890

Gary Kaplan
acupuncturebrainceliacchronic diseasechronic painfatiguehuman upgradeimmune systemsimmunityinflammation

How Neuroinflammation Disrupts Your Immune System – Gary Kaplan, D.O. – #889

chronic diseasegut healthhuman upgrademetabolic dysfunctionmetabolic systemmetabolismPodcast

Upgrade Your Metabolic System with the Right Foods – Dr. Robert Lustig – Best of 2021

adrenalsenergyfatiguegut healthhormoneshuman upgradeimmune systemPodcast

Upgrade Your Energy with a Hormone-Gut-Immune Trifecta – Dr. Amy Shah – Best of 2021

black and white pictures of two males
compassionempathyhuman upgradekindkindnessPodcast

Kindness: The Win-Win Superpower – Jamil Zaki, Ph.D. & Leon Logothetis – #888

conflictemotional agilityemotional awarenessemotional intelligenceempathyhuman upgradePodcast

How to Build Your Emotional Agility and Resilience – Susan David, Ph.D. & Joan Rosenberg, Ph.D. – #887

blood markerbrain stateshuman upgradeMDMApaleofecesPodcastPTSDteam flowtrauma-focused psychotherapy

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #18

Portrait of mature doctor with glasses
Erectile Dysfunctionhuman upgrademen’s sexual healthPodcastsexual performance

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Solutions and Why It’s Normal – Dr. Paul Thompson – #886

David rabin apollo
circadian rhythmhuman upgradePodcastsleepstress

The Stress-Sleep Connection That’s Keeping You Up at Night – Dr. Dave Rabin – #885

Agingbile flowdetoxdetoxificationhormoneshuman upgradelongevityNADneuroendocrineNrf2 and AMPK

Hacking Longevity Starts with Detoxification – Chris Shade, Ph.D. – #884

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