HEAL 1000×1000

Biohacking Surgery and Recovery

Dave Asprey

Learn methods to prepare for surgery, heal with less (or no) pain, and recover like a superhuman. 


HEAL 1000×1000

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… I will teach you everything you would ever want to know about before surgery, during surgery and after surgery, so that you come in strong, you have a better surgical experience, and you recover way faster than you’re supposed to.

Research shows that if you live in America, you’re likely to have an average of seven surgeries in your lifetime. Wouldn’t you want to know how to go in at your best so you can recover at your best? 

This was my thinking when I went under the knife last year. 

In the hours and days that followed, I blew my doctor’s mind. He had never seen a recovery like mine. 

As the Father of Biohacking, I never shy away from an opportunity to blow the lid off what we think is biologically possible. And then I share what I’ve found with the world.

“This [surgery] was completely pain free in a way I've never experienced because of all the different biohacks that I stacked up.”

Dave Asprey

In Heal with Dave, my new documentary, you’re going to learn all of the methods I used to heal without pain and recover to the fullest and beyond. I’ll teach you how.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to know what to do to have control of your biology at a time when frankly, a lot of people take quite a while to recover and there’s increased risk of all kinds of bad things like infections, systemic issues, just not healing very well and building strong tissues, go to daveaspery.com/heal.

Watch the documentary, use the resources. It’s my gift to you!

Enjoy the show!

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