How to Heal Your Gut: Exploring the Latest Bacterial Science and New Treatments

Vincent Pedre, M.D.

Maintaining gut diversity and balance means focusing on metabolomics and reducing systemic inflammation.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Vincent Pedre, M.D., explains how consuming too much sugar can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes by causing shifts in the microbiome that reduce insulin signaling. He also highlights how omega-6 fats found in processed foods contribute to inflammation and chronic disease by carrying lipopolysaccharide toxins through cell membranes. 

For over a decade, board-certified internist and Functional Medicine certified practitioner, Dr. Pedre, founder of Happy Gut Life, has helped people improve their well-being and quality of life by building the foundation of gut health that supports total physical and mental wellness. He believes that healing begins in the kitchen through the foods we eat. He brings together years of research and clinical experience to offer you real solutions in his newest book, “The GutSMART Protocol: Revitalize Your Health, Boost Your Energy, and Lose Weight in Just 14 Days with Your Personalized Gut-Healing Plan.”

Dr. Pedre says that “eat the rainbow” for gut health may not be entirely helpful or accurate. He points to the benefits of fermented foods to increase microbial diversity and reduce inflammation in the gut. A combination of fermented foods and fiber may be the best approach for optimal gut health.

Exposure to the outdoors and avoiding antibiotics also contribute to beneficial microbial diversity. The balance between good and bad bacteria is both important and nuanced—more microbial diversity in the gut is not always better. “Quorum sensing” or the ability of bacteria to claim territory and eliminate other microbes, is necessary for maintaining balance.

“This indicates that the focus should be on metabolomics, not just diversity when it comes to gut bacteria,” Dr. Pedre says. 

Another focus includes gut interrelationships and the seven big systems in your body affected by leaky gut: skin, airway, brain, joints, energy, metabolism, and immune system. “When you have leaky gut, it’s basically causing system-wide inflammation and it’s going to show up in a different way for different people,” explains Dr. Pedre, who offers unique solutions in “The GutSMART Protocol.”

Listen on to unlock the secrets of healing your gut with the latest scientific breakthroughs and unexpected treatments. 

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“The majority of the planet isn't eating enough fruits and vegetables. But the other half [of the equation] is if you deprive yourself of the proteins necessary to make all the important enzymes that your body needs, you won't be walking around very happy.”

Vincent Pedre, M.D.

Enjoy the show!

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