WetSpace, Crypto & Taking on Big Tech

Allie Rae

Disruption can create freedom, opportunity and ways for people to be who and what they are.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…you’ll be part of a candid conversation about choice and freedom. And, why it’s important to be able to make a living in your chosen line of work without restriction or judgment. That’s just part of being a better-performing human.

Guest Allie Rae, a wife, mother, retired nurse and Navy veteran, shares her unusual entrepreneurial journey within the adult sex entertainment industry. It may be a different topic than you expect on this show, but it’s a look at innovation opening up alternative ways of doing business outside restrictive Big Tech.

She’s CEO of a brand-new online adult platform called WetSpace. You may have heard about or know of the OnlyFans platform. WetSpace is similar, but not direct competition.

Allie Rae saw a problem with payment systems and banking restrictions and set out to find a solution.

“At this point, this is no longer a hobby, it’s a business for me,” Allie Says. “And as any business in any industry, you want to protect your business and provide stability and have long-term prosperity.”

We get into some cool topics:

  • Why Allie Rae created WetSpace;
  • How cryptocurrency fits into her plans;
  • The influence of Big Tech; and
  • How advocacy—not regulation—can guide the growth of the adult sex industry.

“The adult industry has pioneered quite a few new things. They've always been on the forefront of 'if there's a will, there's a way.'"

Allie Rae

“My mission is that I am a different face to this industry,” Allie Rae says. “A lot of people follow me on some social medias and are like, “There’s no way she’s doing this.” And I hope that I could paint a different picture, that you can still be a great mother, wife, educated, and still do something like this and it doesn’t make you a bad person or something icky or whatever it is that goes through people’s heads. I think that’s important to me to try to change that perception.”

Today’s show looks at personal choice and freedom—both yours and other people’s. It challenges stigma, advocates for better systems of work, and supports creativity and business acumen.

it’s important that we think about both sex, because that’s one of those big things that nourishes us, and also think about what’s going on in the world around us, that environment that controls your biology.

It matters that you’re able to choose what to do to and with your body, your energy, and your time. You get to choose to live your values—and so does everyone else. Even if you don’t agree. Being kind and respectful goes a long way in creating communities that allow you to be the highest performing human you want to be.

Enjoy the show!

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  • I like original innovators. Allie Rae is definitely one of those and I love that there’s a crypto angle here. – 2:47
  • Do you think that the two people who came up and were all critical and coming after you, if you had to hypothesize without knowing, are these people who were highly programmed by churches, by abusive parents? What makes people act that way? – 7:35
  • My husband and I have such open relationship. We’re so close with each other that there was never any concern of him thinking, “What is she doing? Who’s talking to her on there?”  – 10:45
  • What do you think about people who say that porn is bad for you or that porn is making it so young people don’t even know what to expect when they first have sex and things like that?  – 14:14
  • What happened when OnlyFans announced just overnight even, so it’s like more than half their revenue that they weren’t going to support anyone with adult content? What happened? Walk me through that story.  – 20:44
  • So at any time, if they want to change things or get more strict on guidelines or what you’re allowed to have, that’s why so many people were so bitter with OnlyFans. – 27:23
  • Crypto helps us break free that for sure. But if Coinbase is going to do that or any others, it comes down to hopefully more decentralized things. Decentralized finance and Web3 and all that.  – 34:21
  • Some of these people were doing actual prostitution, and that OnlyFans has provided a safer environment for them. That wasn’t my case but I think about the people that came, you know, creators that were at strip clubs, that were under those conditions, or on the streets that are now able to make a living online and in a safer environment. – 37:28
  • I knew I had the entrepreneur spirit, but just the whole structure of how things go and starting a business outside of something like an OnlyFans has been such a learning opportunity for me. I will say my military background 100% and nursing background has helped me. I’m very focused.  – 40:02
  • I’m not a supermodel. I don’t have everything perfect. I have flaws. But I think that’s kind of the joy of OnlyFans is that you do get to see that real side of people and those flaws. – 48:51
  • Let’s talk this out. What are we going to allow on the platform? What are we not?” And from WetSpace’s perspective, I said, “Anything that can be of harm to someone or that is a legal issue, WetSpace is concerned for that matter. – 52:20
  • I’ve really started to realize it’s not necessarily in some cases the content, it’s the making profit from the content, it’s the selling of the content that appears to be the bigger problem. Again, that circles right back to the payment processors and the financial institutions. – 58:28

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