Upgrade Spotlight: Calm the Chaos, Then Drink the Water

Mario Brainovic / Analemma

An innovative device brings structure, stability and coherence to the water that you drink—and more energy to your life.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…you’re listening to a new Upgrade Spotlight series. Once a month, these shorter episodes feature guests who get right into useful information in a Q&A style. You’ll find out how to improve your energy and upgrade your performance. You’ll also get the latest knowledge about powerful tools and technologies that allow you to change your biology and the environment around you. 

Introducing Analemma! During this Upgrade Spotlight with Mario Brainovic, CEO of Analemma, you’re going to find out about a tool that transforms regular water into a supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. The kind of water you drink absolutely influences the quality of your life. You’ll learn the science behind Analemma and what it can do for your health and energy.

Why water? You think you know the basics: stay hydrated daily, avoid plastic bottles and use a filtration system at home. Well, Analemma says water goes way beyond the basics—all the way down to your cellular level. You’re 70% water in body mass, but 99% water on a molecular level. You’re basically very clever water. 

The Analemma device—similar in looks and function to a magic wand—radically changes the state of drinking water. Environmental forces cause H2O molecules in drinking water to behave chaotically. At an atomic level, water molecules crash into each other constantly. Your body’s susceptible to that influence.

“We found a way to bring order to this chaos,” Mario says. “When you swirl an Analemma through the water, what happens is that those same H2O molecules start forming a liquid crystalline structure. They start behaving harmonically. They, colloquially speaking, join hands.”

“Any H2O molecule that comes into close proximity to mother water will start to mimic its exact structure. That's why it's so simple and that's why it's so powerful.”

Mario Brainovic / Analemma

Analemma water is not exclusion zone water. It’s something different. “It also is structured water, but we came to it in a very different way,” Mario says. “The key element to it is its stability.”

This conversation gets right into the science of Analemma and several studies. You’ll find out how:

  • a new study is measuring the rise in ATP levels (in mitochondrial energy) when people drink this water.
  • this water affects the human microbiome
  • this water reduces your biological age by one to 12 years by regenerating your cellular system, according to GlycanAge.
  • you get an instant balancing effect between the left and the right brain hemisphere
  • how a cooling affect happens on your brainwaves almost instantly when drinking this water
  • this water restores the biodiversity of infertile soil

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