Hacking Mast Cells, Hormones & Mold– Interventions With Dave

Lisa B.

Learn to think about health problems differently, ask questions that lead to answers, and upgrade your biology.



In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Dave talks with Lisa B. about the frustration she’s experiencing with her health conditions. She says she lives a healthy lifestyle and does the “right things” and still struggles with chronic low energy. Her kids often say, “you never feel well, mom.” She agrees but finds it difficult to explain why.

Now in her early 50s, she’s had panic attacks and anxiety since childhood and has taken many types of anti-depressants throughout her life. She also struggles with OCD.

She’s experienced long-time hormonal imbalances, including painful periods, acne, fertility problems, and ongoing PMS “flu” that she says takes over her life during her cycles. She suffers from aggressive seasonal allergies and has a shellfish allergy.

She’s been on Accutane, was diagnosed with Lupus in college and also diagnosed with exercise-induced urticaria and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. She got COVID in 2021.

“Let's see if we can rapidly put together crazy amounts of info into a working hypothesis that will explain almost everything.”

Dave Asprey

Dave examines what’s going on with Lisa’s varied symptom. They discuss what’s working and what’s not, and what can help her gain more energy and control of her health. The conversation gets into a bunch of topics, like:

  • PMS “flu” (with sore throat, hot tongue, achy, brain fog, no energy, feverish feeling with no fever present, painful periods)
  • Hormones, the Wiley Protocol and testosterone
  • “Mold cough” and other symptoms of mold
  • OCD and anxiety
  • MTHFR gene mutation 
  • Histamine, Mast Cells and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
  • Allergies
  • And much more…

Note: The “Interventions With Dave” recommendations are designed to help you upgrade yourself and your biology so you can perform better at everything you do. They are not, however, a substitute for advice or treatment by a trained medical professional that may be needed for specific health conditions, illness or injury.

Listen to the other episodes in the Interventions With Dave series and don’t miss the “Links & Resources” section below for specific information. 

Enjoy the show!

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  • You have something that you call the PMS flu three to seven days before your period starts. And it takes over your life. – 3:05
  • If you insist on something that explains every symptom, you’ll never get it, right. – 7:28
  • If you were to write a book on mold toxicity with common symptoms, the only thing you’re missing is extremely vivid nightmares. Do you get those?  – 11:02
  • So non-responders, I tell them look at your homocysteine levels. This is a very cheap and available blood marker for inflammation that is caused by MTHFR genetics.  – 19:16
  • MCAS diagnosis, mass cell activation syndrome. What brought about the diagnosis?  – 23:39
  • This is what happens with low blood pressure people when they’re expos to things that trigger mass cells. It’s intimately tied with POTS. – 30:05
  • Prednisone is a mineral cortoid that is similar to cortisol, but it has much more aggressive and long acting and immunosuppressive of effects. It is not bioidentical.  – 34:22
  • What I’m sharing here is the results of probably half a million dollars of medical work on myself and learning how it worked, because no one doctor could put it all together for me. – 36:23
  • Most long COVID cases are mass cell activation cases where these are people who had underlying reasons, their mass cells were going to get tweaky, and different mass cells are in the brain.  – 43:45
  • And what’s left is your testosterone’s 8 on a range from 2 to 45. – 50:17
  • And when you have the energy and you have the spark, the desire, then you go out and you do stuff. And yeah, some of it’s in the bedroom, but most of it is in the world around you. It’s parenting. It’s community involved. It’s friendships.  – 52:49
  • I do have a question about the cortisol. Like do you take that forever or do you just take it for a certain period of time?  – 53:14

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