Ep 1083 – Jack Dell_Accio

Enhance Your Sleep Performance with the Organic, Athlete-Approved Essentia Mattress

Jack Dell'Accio

Sleep is one of the most overlooked biohacks. Jack Dell’Accio, the CEO of Essentia, shares data on how sleeping on an organic Essentia mattress can improve REM and deep sleep by between 20 and 60 percent—therefore improving performance, longevity, and quality of life.

Ep 1083 – Jack Dell_Accio

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Our guest is Jack Dell’Accio, the CEO of Essentia. Essentia has been working on non toxic, organic mattresses for 20 years. Of most importance to Jack is the impact of restorative sleep in terms of recovery from disease, prevention of disease, longevity, and performance. 

He’s funded a bunch of research on sleep quality and has worked directly with health gurus including myself, professional athletes, various teams in the NBA, NFL, MLS, and over 25% of active NHL players on creating healthy sleep performance. Essentia’s organic mattress has been recognized by several internationally renowned organizations including the Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab, and has been named the #1 foam mattress by Consumer Reports for seven consecutive years. 

If you’re a long time listener or you’ve read some of my books, you understand how getting a lot of sleep is probably not good for you. If it’s more than eight hours, your chances of dying are higher than people who get seven hours a night. The reason I wanted to have Jack on the show today is to go over the latest data on how sleeping on an organic Essentia mattress can improve REM and deep sleep by between 20 and 60 percent. 

Remember—it’s not the volume, it’s the quality of sleep that matters. 

Jack provides actionable data on how to improve the quality of your sleep through ensuring your mattress is supporting you from a biological standpoint, so you can make every minute count. We explore what the organic Essentia mattress is made of and the technology that sets it apart from others on the market. We also share our tips for getting the best quality sleep you can get, and how getting regular deep sleep impacts all other areas of your life.

“The item in the sleep environment that has the most negative impact is typically the mattress.”


00:02:35 — How Non-Toxic Essentia Mattresses Support Sleep on a Chemical Level

  • Why athletes aren’t able to sleep well
  • The number 1 thing impacting your sleep quality 
  • Environmental toxins’ impact on brain metabolism
  • Why comfort might not be the most important factor in your mattress
  • Shop: myessentia.com/daveasprey
  • How Essentia prevents mold in mattresses
  • Why putting quartz in mattresses is beneficial for blood cell performance
  • Exploring the science behind quantum effects

00:26:34 — Unraveling Sleep Secrets: Longevity, Light & Legislation

  • Measuring heart rate variability to determine quality of sleep
  • How long the people who live the longest sleep 
  • True Dark: truedark.com
  • The implications of the government’s ban on all incandescent light bulbs
  • Why there’s legislation around what mattresses are made of
  • The resistance Jack received from chemists in removing chemicals from mattresses
  • How a decrease in sleep quality can accelerate the rate of aging 
  • The Bulletproof Diet: daveasprey.com/roadmap

00:44:40 — Biohacking Rule #1: Prioritize Quality Sleep

  • The importance of rest for recovery and performance
  • Sleep: sleepwithdave.com
  • Mattresses for women versus men
  • Sleep hacks for temperature management
  • The specs, content and density of the Essentia Mattress
  • Upgrade Labs: ownanupgradelabs.com
  • Biohacking Conference: biohackingconference.com
  • How to determine if a company’s marketing claims are real or fake
  • Exposing marketing over substance in the mattress industry
  • Mold Documentary: moldymovie.com
  • What Jack is developing to improve people’s wellness through sleep

Enjoy the show!

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