Ep 1076 – Dr. Myles Spar

Upgrade Spotlight: Next generation nitric oxide support

Dr. Myles Spar

In today’s episode Dr. Spar is sharing the vast range of benefits of Calroy Health Sciences products I use in my morning routine, Arterosil and Vascanox. We talk about the science behind these products, and how they help support athletic performance and recovery, cardiovascular health and even sexual function.

Ep 1076 – Dr. Myles Spar

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today’s episode is an Upgrade Spotlight edition, where we bring someone on the show who has created something interesting. Our guest today is Dr. Myles Spar, a leading authority in personalized performance medicine as an author, teacher, researcher, TEDx talk speaker, advisor to NBA players, and an Ironman athlete. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Spar shares the vast range of benefits of Calroy Health Sciences products, many of which I use in my morning routine, including Arterosil and Vascanox. We talk about the science behind these formulations, and how they help support athletic performance, recovery, cardiovascular health, and even sexual function.

If you’re interested in trying these products yourself, you can get a discount off a three-month supply of Arterosil and Vascanox at calroy.com/dave.

“You are the CEO of your health.”


00:03:40 — Improve Cardiovascular Health with Vasconox

  • The correlation between nitric oxide and endurance athletics
  • Calroy Health Sciences: calroy.com
  • Vascanox: calroy.com/product/vascanox-hp
  • How nitric oxide supports vascular health
  • How to collaborate with your doctor

00:13:02 — Spotlight on Nitric Oxide & Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Nitric oxide and aging
  • Three kinds of nitric oxide in the body
  • How nitric oxide helps sexual function
  • An explanation of hydrogen sulfide’s impact on the body

00:20:46 — Why Investing in Quality Supplements is Worthwhile

  • Arterosil: calroy.com/product/arterosilhp
  • Why I invest in 84+ supplements for my morning regimen
  • The science behind Calroy products
  • The importance of recovery and optimizing the speed of recovery
  • Read: Smarter Not Harder
  • My supplement fix for POTS, Postural Orthostatic Hypotension

Enjoy the show!

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