Upgrade Intervention: Combat Cravings & Candida, Remove Toxins & Feel Your Best

Nadya Green

If you’re looking at what could be holding you back in your weight loss journey, tune in to hear the advice I gave Upgrade Collective member, Nadya, about where she could be going wrong, and what to do to help her feel her best.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today’s episode is a special intervention episode where I work with a member of the Upgrade Collective, my mentorship and membership group, to help them get closer to achieving their health goals. This conversation is all about investigating member Nadya Green’s struggle to lose weight despite following a low carb diet and cycle syncing her eating habits. 

Nadya, originally from Russia, has spent her life pursuing an international career in the energy sector. She has worked as an engineer around the globe, including the UK, US, Australia, Egypt, Russia and now Sweden. Becoming a mom at 35 years old has made it ever so critical to be fit and to be able enjoy activities with her family, which is why biohacking and weight loss has become a centerpiece in her life. 

We talk about her lab results that point to potential gut issues, estrogen dominance, and mineral deficiencies leading to her cravings, and why her carbophobia may actually be working against her goals. I share with Nadya tools and tips to illustrate all the different pathways that you can use to get the results you want. So, if you’re looking at what could be holding you back in your weight loss journey, tune in to hear the advice I gave Nadya about where she could be going wrong, and what to do to help her feel her best.

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“Don't eat for being thin, eat for feeling amazing.”


00:01:35 — Why A Low Carb Diet Might Not Help Your Weight Loss Goals

  • Nadya’s history with extreme fatigue, Hashimoto’s and carbophobia
  • The impact of the keto diet long-term on metabolism
  • Toxins related to PCOS and endometriosis
  • Read: Smarter Not Harder
  • Environmental & emotional causes of sugar cravings
  • Symptoms of having active yeast in your gut

00:16:44— Combating Candida: Supplements, Medications & Lifestyle Solutions

  • Exploring the different ways to combat Candida
  • My hot take on pharmaceuticals
  • How to support your detox pathways while on pharmaceuticals
  • How Candida is related to a sensitivity to cow’s milk
  • Limiting sugar without eliminating it
  • Eating what you like in moderation and not being in a perfectionist trap
  • Cycle syncing your cravings and carbs

00:32:05 — Eat to Feel Amazing: Spotlight On Protein & Minerals

  • Protein types and amount recommendations
  • The Bulletproof Diet:
  • Why new mothers need to pay more attention to their mineral levels
  • Tps for getting enough electrolytes and offsetting mineral deficiency
  • Why I recommend eliminating dairy to combat fatigue or brain fog
  • Helpful supplements for estrogen dominance

Enjoy the show!

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