Ep 1082 – Ryan Blaser

Your Home Is Making You Sick: Biohack Your Living Space with Toxin Testing

Ryan Blaser

Today, we talk about toxins that are overlooked in your house and what you can do about them with our guest Ryan Blaser, the founder and CEO of Test My Home, an environmental company dedicated to improving your health by changing the environments you spend the most time in.

Ep 1082 – Ryan Blaser

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

The environment you live in has the most profound impact on your health and wellbeing, but are you aware of the toxins and pollutants we’re surrounded by on a daily basis?

That is why today’s episode is so important. We talk about toxins that are overlooked in your house and what you can do about them. Our guest is Ryan Blaser, the founder and CEO of Test My Home, an environmental company dedicated to improving your health by changing the environment around you.

As a functional medicine doctor for your home, Ryan uses his expertise in building biology and healthy home consulting to identify and address toxic sources that could be impacting your health.

After a unique personal wellness journey, Ryan founded Test My Home to help others achieve optimal health. He personally experienced the detrimental effects of mold exposure and lead inhalation, which caused unusual and serious health symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, and brain fog. After unsuccessful attempts with conventional doctors, Ryan took the initiative to investigate his home environment and found the source of his health issues. He cured himself and is now sharing his knowledge and experience with the world.

The definition of biohacking is to change the environment around you, and inside of you, so you have full control of your own biology. This is a part of core biohacking, and it’s one I think a lot of us just don’t think about. We take our supplements, we do our cold plunges, we do all the different biohacks, but just cleaning up the environment around you could make a really big difference. So, in this episode you’ll learn about the most common pollutants and toxins in your home, how to identify them, and ways you can mitigate or eliminate their effects.

“A thorough cleaning of the house is one of the biggest biohacks you can do. Keep a clean home. I can't say enough about that.”

00:00:17 — The Top 5 Pollutants Indoors & What To Do About Them
  • Ryan’s personal experience getting sick from environmental toxins
  • Moldy Movie: moldymovie.com
  • The myth behind green buildings
  • Solutions for toxic mold exposure in residential buildings
  • How to identify mold in the home
  • What you should do if you have a smelly home instead of air fresheners
  • How important is a gas stove vs. an electric range?
  • How lighting affects us and types of lights to use in your home

00:21:30 — Understanding the Dangers of Fragrances, Mold & VOCs

  • The surprising ingredients in candles and air fresheners
  • Homebiotic spray: homebiotic.com/product/homebiotic-spray
  • What to do when you live in humid environments to prevent mold
  • Meridian Upgrade Labs: upgradelabs.com/meridian
  • Tips for dealing with moisture in your home
  • Recommendations to mitigate carbon monoxide dangers
  • Explaining VOCs and how you can absorb or filter them out 
  • The extreme toxicity and effects of formaldehyde 

00:42:11 — Sneaky Pollutants: Protecting Your Home from Gas & Noise

  • Symptoms of a leaky sewer gas
  • Ozone pollution versus ozone therapy
  • Sneaky places you can find surface radiation from nuclear plants
  • Protecting yourself from small particles 
  • Reducing noise stressors in the home
  • Learning to listen to your body and intuition to identify toxins or stressors
  • Free course: https://www.happyhome5.com/

Enjoy the show!

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