image of Vincent Pedre
antibioticsDietfibergut healthhuman upgrademetabolomicsmicrobiomemicrobiotaPodcastprebiotic

How to Heal Your Gut: Exploring the Latest Bacterial Science and New Treatments – Vincent Pedre, M.D. – #1037

Photo of Mario
brainwavescoherent waterdrinking waterhuman upgrademicrobiomePodcastsoilwaterwater molecules

Upgrade Spotlight: Calm the Chaos, Then Drink the Water – Analemma – #994

Agingcerebral spinal fluidfecesfriendshiphuman upgradeinsultsmemorymicrobiomenegativity biasPodcast

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #27

Bristle Lifestyle 3
Articlebiohackbiohackerbiohackingbiohackshealthy mouthhealthy teethmicrobiomemouth microbiomeoral health

Hack Your Way To A Healthier Oral Microbiome

Images by Cayce Clifford
continuous glucose monitordiabetesDietexerciseglucoseglucose controlgut healthhuman upgrademicrobiomePodcast

How to Manage Sugar for a Better Brain and a Longer Life – Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D. – #943

diiabeteshuman upgradekidsmale contraceptionmicrobiomemigrainesPodcastsleepvideo games

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #17

Naveen Jain and Ally Perlina
Agingbiological age cellular stresscellular healthhuman gene expressionhuman geneshuman geneticsimmune cell functionmicrobiomemitochondriaPodcast

Find Out Exactly What Your Genes are Saying About Your Health – Naveen Jain & Ally Perlina – #714

Molly Maloof, M.D.
continuous glucose monitoringEMFsfastingmetabolic healthmicrobiomemitochondrial functionPodcast

Blood Sugar is the Power Energy in Your Video Game Life – Dr. Molly Maloof with Dave Asprey – #706

Photo of Dr. Gundry
gut healthkidsmicrobiomenutritionPodcast

How Foods are Harming Your Kids – Steven Gundry, M.D. – #649

Photo of Dave and the Just Thrive team
achromanciaakkermansiabutyrateintermittent fastingLPS translocationMetforminmicrobiomemitochondriaPodcastprobiotics

Armor-Plated Immortal Probiotics from Space – Just Thrive Health – #629

Photo of Paul Stamets

Mycelium Just Might Save the Bees, And Us – Paul Stamets – #624

Photo of Naveen Jain
bacteriabacterial phagesbacterial speciesbacterial strainschronic diseasefastingglycemic responsegut healthlipopolysaccharidesmicrobiome

Your Microbiome May be Misbehaving – Naveen Jain #612

Photo of Dr. Gundry
Aginganti-agingbacteriaBlue ZonesC.elegansgut healthholobiomehydrogen sulfideinflammationlipopolysaccharides

Healthy Aging Begins and Ends in the Gut – Dr. Steven Gundry #604

alzheimer'sangiogenesisDNAfood as medicinehyperbaric chamberhypoxiaimmune systeminflammationmicrobiomePodcast

Heal Yourself from the Inside Out – Dr. William Li #599

Do Mens Beards Really Carry More Germs Than Dog Fur_header
ArticlegutmicrobiomeskinSkin care

Do Men’s Beards Really Carry More Germs Than Dog Fur? Here’s What the Science Says

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