Upgrade Spotlight: How to Fight Zombie Cells and Win Aging

Greg Kelly, N.D. / Neurohacker Collective

Senolytics prune senescent cells to allow healthy cells to go where they’re most needed and create room for new growth.

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Introducing Neurohacker Collective! During this Upgrade Spotlight you’re going to learn about the zombie cells taking up valuable space in your body and how you can clear them out with senolytics.

When these zombie cells accumulate (formally called senescent cells), they negatively impact how you age. You may experience symptoms like joint discomfort, low mental and physical energy, poor metabolic health, and diminished muscular response when you work out.

Naturopathic physician Greg Kelly joins the show from Neurohacker Collective, where he’s director of Product Development. His expertise includes nootropics, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, weight management, sleep, and the chronobiology of performance and health.

The hallmarks of aging include nine characteristics that organisms all the way up to humans share as we age, Dr. Kelly explains. One of those characteristics is senescent cells.

“As organisms get older, including us, we accumulate more and more of these senescent cells in a variety of tissues,” he says. “And the current state of research is that these contribute to most of the dysfunction and challenges we face with aging.”

This discussion gets into the reasons why senescence happens, the science of senolytics, exciting new research, and new product developments that help bodies naturally eliminate senescent cells. This means a better aging process for you!

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“The key concept is, when you remove some senescent cells, now you're making room in those tissues for new cells.”

Greg Kelly, N.D. / Neurohacker collective

Enjoy the show!

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