How Urolithin A Helps Create Super T-Cells & Boosts Immunity

Dr. Anurag Singh / Timeline Nutrition

New research and clinical studies connect your mitochondria, immune system and how you age.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… immunologist Anurag Singh, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Amazentis, joins the show to talk about urolithin A’s connection between inflammation, aging and your mitochondria.

Urolithin A activates mitophagy and renews your mitochondria.  “It takes all the cellular garbage that has been accumulating over the aging process,” Dr. Singh explains. “It revs it up, so it recharges. And so now, you’re cleaning your metabolic waste products much more efficiently and they become the building blocks. This is mitochondrial biogenesis, and that means newer, healthy mitochondria coming in.”

This new conversation takes an exciting turn into immunity and your immune system’s two lines of defense: innate and adaptive. You’ll learn:

  • how inflammation plus aging (AKA inflammaging) contributes to a weakened immune system and a growing incidence of cancer as you age;
  • how inflammaging and cancer are connected to mitochondrial dysfunction specifically during the aging process; and
  • how to approach your immune health differently with this new knowledge.

A new study recently published in Immunity looks at how immune cells fight cancer better with a focus on immune modulation, immune cell exhaustion and immune responses.

  • The study shows new evidence for the connection between the two known health benefits of Urolithin A: mitophagy activation and immune modulation.
  • The study also points to a close link between mitochondrial health and immune function.

“There's a very close nexus between the mitochondria and the immune system.”

Dr. Anurag Singh / Timeline Nutrition

For more than a decade, Amazentis has focused on how urolithin A could improve healthspan, mostly through muscle health and endurance, and strength. “And over the last five years, we have very quietly also embarked into studying different impacts on immune health and immune metabolism.,” Dr. Singh says. “A lot of urolithin A is anti-inflammatory, but a lot of it is immune modulation. So, it takes a rewiring of the immune system and makes it more conducive to stopping harmful immune responses.”

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More about Dr. Anurag Singh: With an M.D. in internal medicine, a Ph.D. in immunology and an MBA, his experience includes work for consumer health and biotech companies. He’s authored more than 30 articles for top science journals, designed and led more than 40 clinical trials, and focused on Urolithin A over the past decade across multiple clinical trials.

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