Ep 1087 – Susan Bratton

The Science of Sex: Longevity, Pleasure & Performance

Susan Bratton

Intimacy expert, Susan Bratton, co-founder and CEO of two companies serving the direct-to-consumer intimate wellness space, discusses the science of sexual biohacking, how to prevent atrophy, enhance your pleasure potential, and the profound link between intimacy and longevity.

Ep 1087 – Susan Bratton

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today’s episode is with my friend Susan Bratton, who is an intimacy expert with 20 years of experience. She runs a publishing company called Better Lover, and has a supplement company called The 20. Her expertise is in ageless sexuality, sexual biohacking, libido supplementation, and sexual regenerative therapies that roll back the clock on aging.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll learn the specific things you can do to change the performance, the shape, the sensitivity, and the longevity of this amazing part of your body. 

All life on earth—human and otherwise—runs through the same set of automated decision making that happens before your brain even gets engaged, one of which is what we’ll be talking about today, which keeps the species alive forever. Let’s call it fertility. It is actually a source of nourishment for us. So when you’re of the appropriate age, this is as important as eating, breathing and drinking water. Yet, we pay more attention to our food than we do to our reproductive and recreational sides of staying connected to our humanness. That’s why Susan’s on the show today. 

She shares the science behind the link between intimacy and longevity, explains how to prevent atrophy in these important areas of our bodies, dispels myths about self-pleasure, gives a tutorial on all kinds of toys that can increase function and pleasure for all genders, and lists tips for creating more connection and communication in the bedroom. If you want to check out any of the toys or guides mentioned in this episode, go to moredave.com.

“You look 10 years younger than your cohorts if you're having regular, intimate connection.”


(03:14) How to Live Longer by Engaging in More Intimacy

  • Honoring sexual expression outside of the gender binary
  • The Human Awareness Institute: www1.hai.org
  • How to regenerate and enhance your sex life
  • Interesting insight on semen retention
  • The correlation between regular intimacy and lifespan 
  • Categories of pleasure toys for men and women 
  • The benefits of vacuum erection devices and how to use them 
  • Sexual enhancement products and guides: moredave.com

(26:12) Orgasmic Cross Training: Toys & Supplements to Expand Pleasure Potential

(42:02) The Power of Safe & Proper Touch for Female Pleasure 

  • Orgasmic cross training: 4 different toys for males
  • Understanding the vulval activation and sensory pleasure women need prior to penetration
  • Why yoni massages can be so powerful
  • The effects of shame and lack of proper touch in receiving pleasure for women
  • The bullseye touch technique: betterlover.com
  • Sex Life Bucket List: moredave.com

Enjoy the show!

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