human upgrade

goalshuman upgradepersonal transformationPodcastself-development

How To Be Your Future Self Right Now – Benjamin Hardy, Ph.D. – #966

egohuman upgradeinspirationjoymindsetPodcastspiritualitysufferingthoughts

Control Your Mindset with 4 Questions – Legacy Upgrade ft. Byron Katie – #965

cookingcooking with lighthealthy cookinghuman upgradeinfrared lightmeal planningPodcastsmart oven

Upgrade Spotlight: Cook Faster, Easier & Better With Light – Brava – #964

balancebone densityfitnessflexibilityharmonic vibrationhuman upgrademultiplanar movementmuscle strengthnervous systemPodcast

How Whole Body Vibration Hacks Fitness & Fat Loss – Tony Molina – #963

human upgradePodcast

How to Hack Your Metabolism and Power Your Energy – Michal Mor, Ph.D. – #962

Agingavocadosblood pressureconcussionshead injurieshuman upgradeInflammaginginflammationpeecyclingPodcast

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #25

BDNFbrain functionbrain healthChagacognitive functioncollagenCordycepshuman upgradeLion’s ManeMushrooms

How to Fix Your Brain When It’s Tired, Wired and Slow – Matt Gallant & Mr. Noots – #961

Dr. Phil Wolfson & Dr. Julie Holland_1000x1250
Addictionbrain chemistrydepressionhuman upgradeketamineneuroplasticityPodcastpsychedelicspsychotherapyPTSD

Psychedelic Upgrade: Finding the Right Dose & Approach – Dr. Phil Wolfson & Dr. Julie Holland – #960

energyhuman upgradehypnosisIntuitionjoypleasurePodcastpsychic abilitiesquantum field

How Intuition Can Lead You To Your Highest Self – Joy Martina – #959

health decisionshealth policyherd immunityhuman upgradepandemicPodcastSweden

How Sweden’s Herd-Immunity Approach Defied the World – Johan Anderberg – #958

blood sugarcircadian rhythmdeep sleepexercise overtrainingglucose monitoringhuman upgradelightPodcastREM sleepsleep

Hacking Deep Sleep – Interventions With Dave – George Hanna – #957

Photo by Kevin Meredith
anxietybreathingchronic paincold plungeCold-water swimmingcold-water therapydepressionhuman upgrademigrainesPodcast

How Cold Water Treats Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain – Mark Harper, M.D., Ph.D. – #956

Jill Heinerth & Bob Ballard_1000x1250
adventurecave divingcuriositydangerexplorationfearhuman upgradeknowledgelearningocean

Adventure Upgrade: Going Deep Into Risk, Fear & Awe – Jill Heinerth & Bob Ballard – #955

Paul Chek headshot 2020(1)
consciousnessDietHappinessholistic healingholistic healthhuman upgrademental healthmetaphysical healingmovementphysical health

Your Life, Stronger: 4 Basics, Brain Power and Belief – Legacy Upgrade ft. Paul Chek – #954

Deepak Chopra & Abdul Hayy L. Holdijk_1000x1250
consciousnessexperiencehomeopathyhuman energyhuman upgradePodcastrealityspirituality

Spirituality Upgrade: Exploring Human Energy, Experience & Reality – Deepak Chopra & Abdul Holdijk – #953

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